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The Israeli film jury head suddenly u-turned. Had written abt it, but can’t find the tweet now. The point is India, is an Importing country, with Billions of customers, that status will be maintained, using all necessary pressure for that.

Biden praises India! And modi a self declared Charvaka (hedonist). Democracy, Morals, Values, …these are words of yester year. When all gets said and done, We start with ‘Water world,’ of course.

modi has bought SO much of putin’s oil. YET petrol-diesel is extremely expensive in India.


People Forget


People seem to forget that I am a (catholic) Christian Priest. …I do not claim to be All-knowing, or Right-all-the-time, but according to Our tradition We (Priests) have a DUTY to speak.

And this speaking is Not a Catharsis. And the Speaking has to be Powerful. Look at the Secular world; people are Spell bound, Mostly because they are Not using their Brains and Listening, but what I call ‘Hearing’ with their Butts (Large area, You see).

Let me just give You Names: hitler, tRump, modi.

Contrast that with the pope (himself a good man, the Best in my memory, except that he has NO Public-speaking sense).

He is the Undisputed Single leader of 1.2 Billion roman catholics.

And his no. of followers in Twitter? 19 Million. …About 15%.

I call that a Shame. Why can’t he order priests of Every language to translate his? Then at least those using T in any langg. can follow him.

…Wait. About those whom he follows, numerically 8, as in pic. no . 2. …Who are those 8?

Unless I have made a mistake. So correct me.

I rest my case. (Of course I know I started somewhere and ended somewhere. My way! :))


Nuc Energy Clean?


@CNN, @BBC, @spudayakumar It wd b EXTREMELY UNFORTUNATE if #Nuc energy is considered Clean; thence chosen & pursued. …HAVE THEY FOUND SAFER WAYS TO DISPOSE OF NUC WASTES?

Die undatierte Aufnahme zeigt einen Radlader, der in der Schachtanlage Asse Fässer mit radioaktivem Müll in eine Kammer kippt. In dem maroden Atommülllager Asse bei Wolfenbüttel befindet sich auch rund eine halbe Tonne hochgiftiges Arsen. Das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS) bestätigte am Mittwoch einen entsprechenden Bericht des Magazin «stern». Foto: Schachtanlage Asse dpa/lni (zu lni 0367 vom 15.04.2009) +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++

The lower pic Not related to one above.


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