02. What IS Love?!

[This is an Old post. It might even be called Obsolete! Please click here for the Updated, Newer post. Thanks.]

We have seen that Love is Not Hugs and Kisses, and that We are to Love even our Enemies. Taking all these Ideas together, we will find that…


If I Wish You Well, I Love You, if Not, I don’t. You may be Abroad, I might not even have seen You, but with this above Idea, We see that We can Love Everybody.

Supposing somebody has done me Harm. If I can Wish him Well, it is Love. I may still have to file a Complaint against him, maybe take him to Court, I may have to Control him, become Strict and even Hard with him, but… Love is Wishing the Other Well.

Love does not mean that We accept Everybody as our Friend! Love does not mean that We cannot Fight for Justice. Imagine that somebody is trying to grab Your Land. This happens often enough, at least in India. Is it even possible to give up what is Yours? Where are We going to Stay? How are We going to Live? So, We can even fight for what is Ours, Without Rancour in our Heart, and We would be Loving.

We might have been Hating somebody who has Expired. Let us Wish them Well. The Soul, after all, is Indestructible!

But this Wish Should come from the Heart, Should be Truthful, and Earnest. We cannot just mouth the Words, Wink, and say, ‘Lord, Let him have it!’

Let us Put these Ideas into Practice. And We shall find that the More We Love, the Happier We Become! Here’s to Happy Times.

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