04. HOW Should We Love?

Real Love does not Stop with Wishing. We have to put it into Action. We have seen that Christ had said: ‘Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.’ (Matthew 22.39). We are So Generous in Loving Ourselves. Who does not want the Best for Oneself?

So Christ’s words here mean: ‘Love OTHERS with the SAME Generosity, with the Same Ardour, with the Same Care and Concern as You do for Yourself.’

It goes Further. Jesus had also said: “Love one another as I have Loved You.” (John 13.34). And the Way He loved us was by giving His Life for us.

Christ Loved us unto Death

We HAVE to get Out of our Comfort Zones, out of out Sofas, Set Time aside for Others, Get our Hands Dirty, and Shed some Sweat for the Betterment of Others.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa had said: ‘Give till it Hurts You a little.’

Loving Others Should COST US a little. THAT is How We are Supposed to Love.

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