self love in NOT Love!

self love is NOT love, and self love is NO love. It is selfishness! Loving oneself Alone, or loving oneself too much, is selfishness.

‘swaarth’ (Swa-Arth, one’s own gain) as it is called in India, which means selfishness, has Never been appreciated. In Any Culture, Any Religion, in Any Age.

narcissus appreciates himself!

good old narcissus appreciates himself!


We are NOT supposed to Hate ourselves, depreciate ourselves or anything like that. A Healthy ‘I am OK’ is Absolutely Necessary. But when the world starts revolving around ourselves, then things have gone wrong indeed.


Loving one’s Family, Relatives and Friends is also a kind of selfishness!

It will be LOVE, ONLY if we take some Goodly Effort for the Welfare and Happiness of Others who are Not related to us. Otherwise it is all selfishness!


Let us see what Jesus had said about Us and Ours! Matthew 5:46-47, TEV.

Why should God Reward You If You love Only the people who love You? Even the tax collectors do that!

And If You speak Only to Your Friends, have You done anything out of the Ordinary? Even the pagans do that!”

(Evidently the tax collectors and pagans were held in very little regard).

I would condense the above as:

“If You love only those who love You, what Great thing have You done?”

Yes, loving those who love us is Nothing Great. Is it not as easy as sliding into a Ditch? And who is going to give out Prizes for ‘Ordinary’ things?

Whereas Loving Others is going to take Effort. Loving one’s Enemies is going to take a LOT of Effort! These things alone would be Counted as Love.

Let me repeat: ‘selfishness’ has Never been appreciated, in Any Culture, in Any Religion, in Any Age. self love actually creates Problems! self love is a Sickness. Please click on the link above for a sequel, as well as on this one, for views on self love and Christ.


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