All 4 Pillars Wobbling!

Facebook is informing me that one of my posts there has had 950 views, as of now, which for me is Unprecedented. …I am not so big. My usual count is around 30. I shall give You the status in the comments, in case You have not seen it. To give it here would take up space.

Am not sure why exactly this post became so popular. My Key Words in that were: politicians, judges, police, though Facebook has no facility for that. I am extremely Disappointed in all these 3 Institutions.

I did use the word ‘Foreigners’ in that post. But I have NO Problems with Anybody from outside India. But IF it is True that some foreigners had been running Drug or Sex cartels, in the style of the movie ‘Taken,’ then I would have problems with ‘that’ group.

politics is Known as the (lowly) art of Expediency. Let me give a very small, very Ugly story about this. It seems that there was a woman who was carrying her Child and walking along a road that had become Very Hot. So, to relieve her burning feet, she put her Child on the road, and Stood on her Child. That is Expediency. I also hope it is just a story.

I have No Time for the Expedient. In fact, I Spit on Expediency. I Value Only Values.

The politicians at the Centre are Bending over Backwards, to china, lanka, bangladesh, etc. I wonder if nigeria is also in the list. It is an Oil Supplier, after all.

But Enough People have Raised their Voices, for the politicians to Know now that ‘Bending over Backwards like this’ is NOT what the Citizens of India want.

I did say 4 pillars. Well, our dear media is the Fourth one. Scratching One Another’s backs, they are All going the way of Short term benefits. politicians existing for their posh lives. judges doing exactly the same. policemen falling over to pick up the bones. And the media doing whatever will bring more advertisements.

All this has to Change.

One comment

  1. Here is what I had written in Facebook earlier:

    ‘So an FIR has been filed, upon the directions of the delhi high court, on Somnath Bharti.

    Ministers Shoot and KILL policemen, Slap them, Hit them, causing Eye Injuries, …No FIRs.

    Minister’s people commit DOUBLE Gang Rape, in the Minor’s House itself, and later Burn her up, …No FIRs.

    Minister’s people Pull out Guns, Slap Attendants, Damage Toll booths, Set Fire to them, …No FIRs.

    INDIAN Citizens Complain, NO Action. But foreigners suspected of running Sex and Drug cartels complain, IMMDT Action.

    politicos, courts and police are absolutely hand in hand.


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