Indian media TOTALLY under govt Control!

I hope I am not being too generic. I get to watch only the Headlines Today, the Times Now, the Sun News, and the Puthiya Talaimurai, news channels of the North and the South of India.

But it is not only these, but also the ‘posters,’ ‘headlines’ or whatever We call them, giving the main news of the day in large newspaper sized sheets, hung out where newspapers are sold.

All of them are presenting the same line of statements, which is Against Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP.

There are, in the tradition of the media, Juicy things like:

  • Senseless AAP drama continues,
  • Anarchist attacks media,
  • AAP losing its plot in Delhi,
  • 4 Injured in AAP drama, and things like these.

The media has said that Growing Disagreement to the Protest is pouring in in Twitter, etc. I ask them, Just HOW did they find out that All Dissenting voices are from the AAP? How easy to ‘call’ oneself a Member, and write whatever he wants. 

After all, the AAP is just about a Year Old, and has less than a Crore (10 Million) Members. Whereas the established parties like the bjp and the congress have Crores and Crores of followers and supporters. Yes, Many of them might not be happy with the Growing Popularity of the AAP. This is Not to say that there is No dissent within the Members themselves.

The Same about the ALLEGED attacks ‘on’ the police. Even in what is coming across the TV screens, One Sees Only the Protesters ‘Getting Beaten Up’ by the police. The police are saying that Stone Pelting from the part of the AAP-ians led to the police action. …Did the Stones have the ‘Number,’ given to All AAP members, written on them? Just HOW did the police conclude that the stones had been thrown by the Protesters? It is Eminently Possible that people Opposed to the Protest, or even the police itself, had ‘arranged’ the Alleged stone throwing!

If Only 4 people have been Injured during these two days, it speaks much of the Sympathy of the Police in general towards the Protest. In any case, the Injured are only the AAP sympathizers, and Injured ‘by’ the police.

The media also implies that the Common man is Suffering because of the Protest, which is of course blocking Roads, and access, etc, to govt offices.

But this charge is Easily Refuted. The Protest has covered Two working days. If people want to say that govt office work has been Interrupted, I want to ask: ‘Just When had govt clerks done Anything in One Day? Or even in two days?’

Senseless drama? Inconveniencing the people? …How many DAYS had the Andhra protest continued? How many Train services were disrupted, for how many days? Just think of the Problems the Rail Passengers must have faced, due to the Lack of Drinking Water alone, stranded as they were oftentimes in the middle of Nowhere.

Is the AAP losing its Appeal in Delhi or Anywhere? …Is this not a Useless Question? Something along the lines of, Can the AAP get even a single Seat in the Elections, and then, Can the AAP form the govt, and then again, Can the AAP fulfill its Promises?

Only Time Will Answer these Questions. India has been Mis-Ruled for more than 65 years. The AAP has not had 65 Days! Negativism from the media is Not Helping.

All this says MUCH of the Control that the govt has over media in India. But media personnel are Vying One Another in their Attacks, which makes one think that they are planning their ‘Promotions and Bonuses.’

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