06. Love is…

Love is a little like SAMBAR! This is what You usually get with Idlis! Am sure You are making the connection.

Why like Sambar? Because, this dish requires Very Many Spices Indeed. Love too is a Combination of Many things.

Love is Warm, Joyous, Bubbling. One thing it is not is, It is Not Cold.

There is No Lukewarm Love. You Cannot make Tea or Coffee unless the Water is Boiling. Just heating the water is NOT enough. Similarly.

Love is MAD! It Jumps into Hot Water! It gets into Trouble. It does not think of Itself, but of the Subject of its Affection, like Jesus, Arvind Kejriwal, Somnath Bharti! Love easily Steps into Fire without a thought for self, to Rescue its Love. …Salutations to All the Brave hearts of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the Twin Towers in the States, and the Innumerable Women and Men who have even laid down their very Lives for Others.

Love makes itself Odious and Tiresome. It does not allow itself to get Tired! It does not Worry about these things. If it sees a Wrong, it will Keep on Keeping on. Men may come and men may go, but Love goes on for ever, with Apologies to Alfred Tennyson.

The ungodly are Ever-so-Active. Those who are Good have to Learn something here.

When Jesus praised the Shrewd Manager, (Luke 16:1-8), He did not tell us to become unjust like that fellow. What He meant was that we too become Shrewd, Using our Brains, and Be Clever and Active.


So to Love means to Have Developed, and Be Developing our Intelligence, Knowledge, Fitness, Energy, Skills and what not. And above all, BEING ACTIVE; Cease being Couch Potatoes, get out of our Comfort Zones, Work up some Sweat, in Bettering the World, and in Aid of our Poorer Brethren. THAT would be Love.


  1. The clever cunning steward used the unrighteous wealth to gain friends who will take them into their houses when he is old. Similarly, if we share like Zachaeus the unrighteous wealth he amassed,we will find the King keeping you on the right side and saying ‘Enter into the joy of your Master; for when I was hungry you shared your food with me and when I was naked, you bought clothes for me with your money. Let us make use of the money unrighteously earned (share it with the least of the King’s brethren) to to find a place in the eternal dwellings……


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