Republic Day? Haha!


There Should come a time when We Shall ALL be World Citizens. That time may be a little bit in the Future. Till then, We Shall be known as belonging to a particular Country. And there should be No problems with this, provided We do not start Fighting on Nationalistic lines.

In that way, I Love India Well Enough. I am Proud of being born here.

Coming to Today’s point, India being called a Republic is a Yes and No affair. Here it is not as bad as some places where they have all sorts of names, but are just Totalitarian states. India IS a Democracy, but it is Not a Republic, not in Reality.

( Democracy and Republic here are Not to be taken in the ‘American-political-parties’ sense, please. )

India is actually ruled today by pseudo aristocrats. It would seem that except for tiny little Iceland, almost No country is a Republic. That is the country where the People dared to jail its bankers and took control of their economy.

After all, a Republic Needs action on the part of its citizens. Indians are too sleepy. For us, it all: Make money, Eat, Go here and there, Buy Gold and Watch Cricket. Let me give You an example. A fellow supposedly left his all, his family and what not, to become a man of God. What he did become was a sort of World traveller, and a photo of his jaunts gets more than a 100 likes. Neither he, nor his group of friends, consider it necessary to participate in the Fight against the Hunger in the World, the Dwindling Water, the Lack of Justice, etc. So, just let us Not think We are a Republic yet.


If We all start getting down to it, We May become a Republic in some Fifty Years! Here’s to that day.


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