On Kejriwal being Ready to Resign

That in itself is Remarkable. Others stick to it more strongly than Leeches.

The Jan Lokpal bill had been PROMISED to the People by the AAP. It had been on the manifesto of the AAP for Delhi. That means IT HAD BEEN ONE OF THE DEMANDS OF THE PEOPLE!

The Home ministry passes a bill in 2002, which make it necessary for the Delhi govt to get approval from the centre for its own bills. So this law was NOT there in the Original Constitution of India.

Why does the centre want to have Delhi under its control? Particularly when We see that Delhi, prior to the AAP, at the time of the 2002 bill, had been under the same party’s rule as that at the centre, the congress?

Did not the central command trust its own then chief minister, shiela dixit? Is THAT why it had kept the Delhi police also under its (the centre’s) own wings?

A whole tale of Misrule, if ever there was any. And they are calling Arvind’s actions as Drama. …On their own heads.

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