Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and Bikinis!

This is the First of a Series on Rape. I would like to show that, just as there is a connection between the Red Colour and the Bull, (if at all!), many things, Bikinis on Indian Streets among them, would contribute to the occurrence of Rape.


I cannot understand it, and I do not know Why, but it seems that Bulls do not like the Red Colour. As I do not wear Red, and there are not really too many bulls around, I do not have difficulties in this regard.

bulls n red clr


But for a Long time, I used to have problems with Street Dogs, not just barking at me, but Snapping at my Heels. I used to keep on looking at them, trying to see just How Close they were to me, and all that. Then I learnt that We should not look at the dogs directly, into their eyes. The silly fellows seem to take this as a Personal Affront, and just love to Take Up the Challenge! So, I stopped looking at the fellows, and Hey, Presto, they leave me Alone!

growling dog

Image from: http://helpstraydogs2011.blogspot.in/2012_11_01_archive.html


And, Ah, I wanted to share this: GIRL IN BIKINI AT TRICHY!

Trichy, as You might know, is in South India, and Very Ye Olde Townish. A few days ago, as I had some work there, and I was on the Road leading to the Rock Temple. It is a Main market area. Ahead of me, I could see some visitors from abroad, and they were feeling quite Uncomfortable with the Heat. Suddenly, a Young Woman started taking off her Jeans and Outer garments, handed them to her companion, and started walking in her Bikini!

bikini bott

Well, folks, this is Not a picture of that girl! …Image from:


To continue, In No time at all a small crowd formed and started walking with her, Ogling at her. Next, within minutes, the Rowdy elements seemed to pop up out of nowhere, and started Jostling her. The men folk in the group of Westerners started shoving and pushing these elements away, but not with any degree of great success. As there were many of these rough fellows, the situation would have turned very Ugly indeed. Fortunately, an Understanding Shopkeeper called the couple inside, where she changed back into her Jeans, etc.

I had been watching all this from a distance of about 50 metres. Next I saw some policemen and women having a talk with the couple. I suppose these were telling the couple that the girl’s action could have created a ‘law and order’ problem there.

For a Westerner, walking about in Bikinis on their beaches might be the most common thing. They even seem to walk about thus right in the streets, from what We see on TV. I do not know about the beaches of Goa or other places; but I very much doubt if such ‘Wear’ would not create a ‘Situation’ even in metros like Bangalore. Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and even Bikinis, are all Connected, seen like that! …To go to the next article in this series, Please click here.


  1. […] I just Hate things like Rape and Gang rape. That is because I Consider the Whole World as my Family. Changes in the Mindset take Decades of Ground work. I see Very few involved in this. If We pay attention, We will see that Mothers bring up their ‘boys’ under the impression that they are some kind of ‘superior’ beings. For more thoughts on this, please click here. […]


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