Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and Hairstyle!

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It has been said that I start my Talks, (and my Writings), like a Mystery Novel! What I want to  write in this post is about WISDOM IN OUR EVERYDAY BEHAVIOUR.

It is Really Quite Sad and Bad that a Young Man, Nido Tania, from Arunachal was killed by 7 or 8 men, beat with Sticks and Rods. It is frankly Sickening. My Condolences to the Family, and I Strongly Condemn the attack. Though it is not established that he was the Victim of Racial violence, the matter has been aired. We cannot do anything about one’s race. But there WAS another Issue, a small one, but there, nevertheless, which is said to have given Rise to the Incident. That of his HAIRSTYLE.

men's hair style

The picture above is Not a photograph of Nino, Nor of his hairstyle. Image from: shine.yahoo.com

Nido died on the 30th of January. In an article written on the 10th of Feb, in the Times of India’s net edition, a reference is made to his Hairstyle being Commented on, Teased and Taunted, and Part of the Reason for the Attack on him. I give You excerpts. Reference to article in comments.

“When they asked the shopkeeper for directions, he poked fun at Nido’s hairstyle which annoyed him and he smashed a glass pane of the shop. The agitated shopkeeper and his three associates immediately pounced on Nido, beat him up and made derogatory remarks about his caste, race and looks, the report says.”

I remember from my Younger days, that many of us had started sporting Rajesh Khanna’s hair style. It included a ‘Head band,’ too! All these went with a ‘Rajesh Khanna’ Kurta, on top of Pants or Jeans. But We had to stand a Lot of Ribbing for this.

Then there were policemen who forcibly cut off long hair from Young men having them. with a few slaps thrown in. The Rajesh Khanna style had shoulder length hair. All these happened in Gorakhpur, UP, and it must have been between 1970 and 1980.

What the World says is this: Hair style or Dress, wear what You want. But Do Not Tell Us Not to Laugh. BE READY TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. Which was mostly Ribbing, sometimes Taunts, and at times, these Unkind policemen.

A Funny Hairstyle, many Indians would laugh at You. A Girl Walks alone at Night, Her Chances of Molestation, if Not Rape, are High.

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