Rape, Bulls, and the Red Colour!

I believe that RAPE is one of the Most Horrific and Ugliest things that can happen to a person. And GANG RAPE is a thing nobody wants. That is Why, at the cost of being considered Odious and a Fool, I have written So much on this topic.

I have had occasion to meet some who have been in prison. They may be Bitter about their incarceration, but carry on with their ‘trade,’ nonetheless. Now let us see: No Woman Wants to get raped. Of course. And for this they say: ‘Real Men don’t Rape.’ The point is, even Men join in in this.

ream men dont rape

 He looks like a ‘He-Man’ alright!  gleeclub.livejournal.com

But there Are Enough who are Cowards, Wimps, Pimps and Opportunists. And they Are going to ‘feel you up’ if You give them the chance. The Choice is Yours.

u cant rape me

Ha! I suppose people like these will file ‘cases’ against their rapists. I do think even People abroad know what happens to cases in Indian courts. Image from: readquotesoftheday.blogspot.com

In many cases We are seeing our Young Women rush in where Angels fear to Tread. Let us have a ‘look’ at the places our young ladies venture into:

rape spot

This is the Actual Spot where a young woman was gangraped. She says she is a Journalist. That You may be. And ‘We’ are shouting ourselves hoarse telling that rapes should be stopped. But Did Your Wish, My/Our Shouting, and Your being a journo stop You from gangrape, madam?

A Young Woman might say that she is going to an Isolated spot to ‘cover a story,’ or some such. She would say that she went there with a male friend ‘for protection.’ That is Not how the World is going to take it. Very often You will find a small gang of Gamblers in such places. Numerous are the rapes that happen in Parks and Lone places like these, especially when a ‘Couple’ go in there. If a Lone man and woman go to a lonely place, it will be assumed that they are going there for Sex.

From my Younger days, ‘to this day,’ I have not seen Any Woman Travel Alone, any appreciable distance. At least, not Young and Comely ones. Truck Drivers and ‘Late-Night Celebrators in Cars,’ take Lone Walkers to be Prostitutes, and so stop and start talking ‘business.’ They do not easily take No for an answer. They are known to even try to snatch Womenfolk.

Bulls will ‘go’ for the Red colour. In India, men ‘go‘ after Lone women. Many times that ends up in Rape. After this article was written, a Young Woman travelling alone got her Lips bitten at Nagarcoil Railway station which You can read by clicking on the link.

This is the third article in this series. To go to the first, Please click here. To go to the next post in this series, Please click here.

6 thoughts on “Rape, Bulls, and the Red Colour!”

  1. my dear friend!
    I read with great interest this series you aptly wrote with very keen insight.
    The color red and the bull and scantily dressed women is a good read and investment of ponderance. you are gifted with insight and generosity to share it.

    Liked by 1 person

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