Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and Jockstraps!

I had the following sharing from a Young Lady:

“I HAVE BEEN THROWN ON THE ROAD AND FELT UP BY TEN MEN. I still insist that women have to occupy space. IF we don’t do it now, 100 years later, women who are raped will still be blamed for being out alone at night. WHO DECIDES WHAT IS USED WITH GIRLS? WE WANT TO WALK CONFIDENTLY AND NOT BE ASHAMED OF OUR BREASTS.”

Just WHO is asking You to be ashamed of Your breasts? But does that mean You have to Flaunt them? If one is going to be Proud of one’s breasts, what about the Other parts? What would You say if Your Husband (present or future) comes out in a Jockstrap, Young Lady?


Ladies, I definitely cannot decide what (sort of dress) You are going to wear. Similarly, You cannot stop Me, or People like Me, from saying what I am saying, which is: Do Not Go Out Alone after Dark, etc. If, after all this, You are still ready ‘to be thrown on the road, etc,’ what can I say?

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  1. By asking women to dress up in a particular way , ‘some’ people who want to do all the moral policing , put the blame on the woman for sexual crimes. Instead of asking them to dress up in a particular way, men gotta ask themselves to behave morally..Since in the end only a few men go out and rape, not everybody. A real man of substance will always dignify women…and i’m glad that a lot of men now , even in our country are respectful of women. Those who are not are the ones who make the loudest noise, since they are the ones who feel threatened by the strong feminine energy around, and that is why there is a constant need to suppress. If they stop feeling threatened by women occupying ‘space’ (which they consider their own) and start valuing themselves more, they’ll be in a way better spot.

    You mentioned that line on women flaunting breasts. So you are implying every woman who gets raped is dressed up provocatively?? Don’t think so…because the statistics of the National Crime Bureau indicate otherwise.( You can check if you want to). In fact rapes in India surprisingly so happen more in rural areas where women are pretty modest (as per you, i’m sure) since there isn’t any skin show. Also , if dress was such a big reason for molestation, burqa clad woman would have never been raped. Sadly the percentage of women who are completely covered in a burqa and are still raped is obnoxiously high. So is the children’s percentage, n’ sadly boys are included too..(the worst part is we don’t have a single law protecting men’s rights) Lastly, “nudity always resides in the eye of the observer, not the beholder.”

    The fact is , whether some people like it or not, is that change is happening at such a fast pace that a lot of people are unable to cope up with the changing structures of society. And since survival is always of the fittest species, these people should adapt otherwise they will suffer the most, not the women. Also such people will remain in oblivion forever. People can criticize the change around, get threatened, keep doing all the moral policing, keep blaming women and torturing them but this change of women being independent and having zero tolerance for any sexual crime is here to stay. Those who don’t like it are already having a hard time. There are others who are progressive and part of this change, and those are the men i respect.

    My views here are my own . I will never ask you to endorse them because u won’t. Everyone can have an opinion. Problem arises when people start imposing it on others. The post was well written . I didn’t connect to it is a different thing. I could have gone on with a lot of other factors but don’t feel it right that my comment becomes longer than your post. Looking forward to more of your posts in the future.



    • Akriti, Thank You for Your comment. I am not sure if You have gone through my series on the subject. It would seem that You have not. The mistake may be mine in that I have given ‘links,’ and that is bec I am quite new to blogging.

      To recap my whole series: 1. The Situation is Bad. 2. Mostly, Men are at fault. 3. Women have to take precautions.

      In Our Ashram, We see LOTS of snakes, poisonous ones too. In about 5 years, We have had about 20 of them, sometimes right on Doorsteps. So, Whenever I go out at night, I always carry a torch and Use it.

      Girls dressing Sensibly is something like this. Hearty Regards.


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