image ‘Playing’ politics

We have to Appreciate our Cartoonists! They bring out, in a few Strokes, Realities of Situations! Yet the whole process is both Time consuming, and Exhausting! My Salutations to them. Yet, this post is about…

'Playing' politics

The Chief Minister’s chair and Arvind Kejriwal

politics is considered a Dirty word. That is why most People do not even keep abreast of its happenings.

politicians would like to keep their’s a ‘closed’ circle. Competition is Intense, and promotions up the rungs are hard fought, with even Murder thrown in. But all who enter it are supposed to know its ground rules: Take money, Make money, Do Not forget to Distribute it among your Seniors, and above all, Do Not Upset the Apple Cart. And the Horrible thing is, that people slowly start believing that things are Supposed to be Thus.

In the Bible, this is what the Prophets were supposed to do too. Though of course, the prophets were not too interested in money. The run-of-the-mill prophet was satisfied with the attention he was getting.

That was what the pharisees, the ‘seniors’ in the business of ‘running’ the People at that time and in that place, expected of Jesus too. And that was Why He said:

“You think Being the Man of God is like a Children’s game: If one group sings a happy tune, the other group is supposed to Dance, and if it is a sad tune, the others are expected to Mourn. But I am NOT going to speak according to what you ‘Like’ or Want. You shall get what you NEED.”

The above paragraph is NO translation, but it will give Us the Real meaning of Christ’s words in Matthew 11:16-17.

Actually We do live the Way Christ did! If our child wants Fast Food all the time, are we going to give that? If a Child wants too many sweets? If the Class wants Jokes, Tomfoolery and Nothing else?

It is time to go back to the CM’s chair. Arvind Kejriwal had the Courage to tell the political class that he was Not going to Dance to their Tunes.

Whatever our Early politicians might have been, the present fellows just want money. They are not satisfied with looting the Tax money. They see that business houses are ready to give Big Money to get the freedom to put whatever prices they like, and to escape Taxes, etc.

The political class does not want the examination of its practices, its doings. The Jan Lokpal bill would have given the Citizen the right and the tools to question any and every politician, judge, police officer and official. Which of them would have wanted that?!

And Arvind Kejriwal was not ready to ‘Play’ politics of this sort. Mahatma Gandhi had refused to enter politics. Arvind is the Modern Mahatma! Oh, He will be Back. Because, We, the Thinkers and Citizens who only want the Weal of India, want Arvind back, even as the Prime Minister of India, for a Long time. We of the AAP Salute him. And History will remember him.

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