politicos, police and other officials!


politicians, who are expected to arrange the Infrastructure and amenities for the Country, are busy sidling up to business houses and making money for themselves.

       And the police, who are supposed to render us Protection, are bending down to politicos and trying to get richer, themselves!


       Here we have a ‘high ranking Indian police officer’ touching the feet of a politico, adding ‘glory’ to the IPS (Indian Police Service)! Interestingly, all these politicos don the Simplest, Gandhian type of dresses for their ‘public’ outings, but fail in their desire for the Image of Simplicity by the Arrogance of their Stance and expectations.

       [Touching the feet of Your Elders, Your Guru, Teachers, etc, is considered a Very Good thing, a Sign of High Culture. A police man, of ANY rank, would be expected to ‘salute’ at the most. Here, in this case, the touching of the feet is Utterly Despicable.]


       The one at top left, kneeling down to modi, the prime ministerial candidate for the bjp, is a Collector, an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) Officer! Pic two at top shows a very high ranking IPS officer kneeling to speak to akhilesh yadav, the chief minister of UP.

       At bottom is Arvind Kejriwal being saluted by his security, who are Ordinary Policemen (as Opposed to Commandos, whom Kejriwal had refused). Noteworthy is the Way He received the Salute of the men, as against akhilesh, whose hand on top of his head shows his Contempt for the officer.

       chief ministers of state have a way of ‘choosing’ their highest ranking police officers. they look for those who would be Most compliant to their wishes. And these officers ‘benefit’ by this, of course.

I have some Question to these slurping, fawning police and other ‘officers.’

  • How can you fellows SLEEP?!
  • How are you able to EAT?
  • How much RESPECT does your Own Family give you?

       What Would happen if these officials down right Refuse to bend down like this to the politicians? …They might get Transferred. Is that such a horrible thing? Compared to this Shame? Yes, Transfers would mean difficulties in getting Admissions into Schools. But there ‘are’ provisions for ‘transfer cases!’

And Questions for Us:

  • Of What Use are such officials for Us?
  • Is it not Time to Throw out such people?

We All Love Our Children. It is Time to Speak Out, Question, Challenge, and Make our Children’s Future Better.


8 thoughts on “politicos, police and other officials!”

  1. It is the same all over the world, I think: as politicians become worse people from one government to the next, so those who think to derive benefit from them become worse, too. I believe it will never change, but the cycle of corruption just go on and on. I’m glad I’m not young.


    1. Having already replied to Your kind comment, went to Your page, and had a look see!
      So today is Your Wedding Anni! Sad that Your dear Hubby is not by Your side now. But Your (present) photo shows that You received enough love! Glad about that.
      Had wanted to write this on Your Blog, to say that I like Your writing style. But could not find the ‘place’ to comment.
      All the Best and Love.


      1. Swami Yesudas … that’s really kind of you. I fear my writing style runs away from me, at times. 🙂
        Yes, our anniversary. The way I like to mark the years. I was a lucky woman.


      2. No, my Dear M.R! I do like Your style, and if I am not following You, it is because I do not have the energy to do much reading, after my other pieces of work! So You will excuse me for that. …Luck? You seem to have created enough of it in Your life! Love and Regards once again.


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