Police Brutality – India


People here talk of India, pakistan, the US, russia, china and a few more. Frequently, I mean. Not many people in our part of the world speak much of Thailand. Small Country.

But: Thai court bans use of violence against protesters.

Where are Indian courts?


At least One policeman is ‘Holding’ the Young Man ‘for convenient, Professional Kicking. Notice the raised fist of the ‘kicker.’ Our police force has become So Brutish, that such things do not bother the Other men in Uniform.

Let us Note that there are No Brick-bats, No Stones or Sticks on the Ground. That means the Protest had been Peaceful. And the police are supposed to be the ‘friends of the people.’ They are More Servants of the politicians.


The Man in the Centre is HANDICAPPED. Look at his Right leg and Left foot. HOW MANY hands holding him? One holding his HAIR! And a BROWN SHOE (Officers wear this) is pressing the Man’s Knee.

Is this Man the Re-Incarnation of Bruce Lee? Were SO many necessary to ‘Control’ him?


In India, If a Woman’s ‘Legs’ are Exposed, She feels as if She has been Raped. And the police personnel who are doing this to her are after all Indian ones, Not Imported from pakistan or china. So they should know the Cultural Impacts.

The police are ‘taught’ Crowd Control, Special Ways of Controlling Women, (Hold her Lips, Pull and Twist), and other such things. YET ‘this’ is what they are doing to her.

And our Beautiful Courts cannot see all this. But if a mere 6 Crore Subsidy has been given to Citizens, the courts will hasten to Cancel it. ministers going on Multi-Crore Jaunts will not bother our courts.


This picture is one of the Oldest I have in my collections. And the place is No less than the famed Howrah Bridge, in Kolkata, (Calcutta of old)! What Irritates me the Most is the Satisfied and Smug looks on the faces of these fellows.

I had ‘scanned’ this picture from a Newspaper. So this man’s family must have seen it! How do these fellows live with these things on their Conscience? And a Question I ask again and again, ‘How are they able to Eat or Sleep?’

Above All, I Hope that their Wives and Children Spit on them Properly.


Noteworthy in this picture is the ‘Thumb’ of the police official, at the ‘Jugular’ of the Protester! He is holding nothing more lethal than a Placard, and that too is not held ‘aggressively.’ What justification for such behaviour? This police official should be removed from service without any benefits like Pension, etc. …But then it will affect his Family! 😦


Again, it a ‘brown shoe’ who is doing this. I would say that the policeman in the Blue Helmet, behind, looks disgusted. But it is Not Easy for the Rank and File to even Protest.

No. The Changes in Police Mentality has to come from the ‘Top.’

And the courts have to Earn their Pay. We hear statements like: ‘there is police brutality in every country,’ and such. you do not have to tell us that. We know it. But We do not want it in India. The courts are respected even now. Strong statements from them Will Change things.




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