On Faith


Am just starting a little series on this subject. This post deals in particular with the ‘Amount’ of Faith each one of has. As to What Faith is, and How Increase it, shall be dealt with in further posts.


Faith? Who does not have faith? And Who has Enough Faith?!

Below We have a Very Good picture of Christ’s saying: “If You have Faith as much as a Mustard Seed, You can Move Mountains, etc…” Matthew 17:20. In this regards, this is what I have to say about my own Faith. I do not think I have even that much.

I think I may have just a ‘Speck’ of it, as little as a speck of Dust.

But this itself Seems to be Quite Good! I do not mean that I can or should be satisfied with the situation, of this Small amount of Faith that I have. I shall be trying my level best to Grow in this regard. But We should Not get into a Panic about this, Much Less Despair about it.

God has used a fool like me, and the Small amount of Faith that I have, to do many Great things. To recap them in VERY short order, they would be – My Getting the Courage to Live; and Many Major Healings, etc, that HE Effected through this Unworthy Instrument. I shall give my Witness Elsewhere, in time, as it would make this post too long If I give it here. You can read part of that here.


Image from: http://monteskewed.blogspot.in/2012/03/0-false-18-pt-18-pt-0-0-false-false_14.html

What I want to say by all this is: If You think You do not have Much Faith, LET IT NOT ‘WORRY’ YOU.

There ‘is’ the Gift of Faith, and Some are gifted with it.  But EACH of Us has been gifted in one way or another. We have this in 1 Corinthians 12:7 and 11, a Powerful Double mention. Gifts are given by Others. And it would not be nice to tell the person, ‘Give me such and such,’ would it? OK for Children, but for Us? In the present case, since the Giver is God, Would He not know what Gifts would be Best for Us? So let us not Cry if We do not have the ‘gift’ of Faith.


Image from: http://byuwsr.blogspot.in/2013/05/lord-i-believe-by-elder-holland.html

The picture above is supposed to depict the Very Famous words, and the Wonderful Prayer of that good man in the Gospel who said to Jesus: “Lord, I Believe; Do THOU Increase my Faith.” Mark 9:24. If We change the Emphasis, it can Rightly become: “Lord, I Believe; Do Thou INCREASE my Faith.” Who does Not Need this Prayer?

So let us keep Walking with the Lord. Doubts ‘Will’ arise. Let us Just keep praying: “Lord, I Believe; Do Thou Increase my Faith.”


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