Pulao, Mirrors, Elections, and Old People’s Homes!

A little post is going around Facebook just now, in the form of a little poem:

‘Gareeb ki thali me jab pulao aaya, samaz jaao desh mein chunao aaya!’ The words mean:

When ‘Pulao’ appears on the Poor Man’s Plate,
Know that the Elections have Come.


Photo from: http://madhoosfood.wordpress.com/2007/02/15/vegetable-pulao/

(Pulao is a Rice Preparation which only the Rich can Afford).

It goes much Deeper than that. It shows our STUPID Laws. It seems 70 Lakhs (7 million) can be spent on electoral expenses. Whether this per constituency or party, I do not know.


In our own village of Thanneerpalli, large, Calendar sized Mirrors, with pictures of the admk’s supremo, jayalalitha, have been distributed. Since they know I support AAP, they did not come to us.

The STUPIDITY lies in this: Our lawmakers, the members of the legislative assembly, and the election commission, make these laws. AND WE ALLOW THEM, and never question them.

The Problem is: Our Children WILL Question Us. Or, they may simply keep silent, and send us to OLD PEOPLE’S HOMES.

2 thoughts on “Pulao, Mirrors, Elections, and Old People’s Homes!”

  1. Let us take it this way….I am a crook who gives a lot of headache to the police dept and to the magistrates….So they make a law. The crook came first, not the law. I am always ahead of the law and the police and the magistrate. I have nothing to fear; no time to be spent in wearing the uniform…. But they have to…. When they make a law, my brain has already foreseen the law and has already seen the loopholes.. Even before the law was passed, I used to butter the fingers of the police department and they resent the law more than me…My father was a politician and politics is our family trade (kulath thozhil) A goldsmith’s son becomes a goldsmith because it is the easiest job to pick up. Let the Commissioners of elections say whatever they want and set the limit,,, but I will butter the hand of the people to get into power and amass 10 times of what I spent.. It is a busines where all kinds of foul play goes on…AND GOD IN HIS GOOD TIME, WILL REPAY EVERYONE ACCORDING TO THE MEASUREMENT HE DEEMS FIT… Maanav raashi ki jai.


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