The Way ‘govts’ Function


In my previous post I had shown that Blames for Horrors and Atrocities Should Not and Cannot be placed on Peoples. Rather, that govts are Responsible for such things. We have to remind Ourselves that in MOST cases a govt is Really a small group that has come to Power.

And All this group of people in Power want is their own good. They care the Least about PEOPLE in general. A Very Good Example has just come up. We have:

“India abstained from voting on a United Nations resolution against lanka which sought an international investigation into the alleged war crimes during the final phase of the island’s civil war which ended in 2009.”


What lanka is being accused of is such as these:

Image  Image

Pictures from:, and

Can Anybody tell me what could have been the reason for such Barbaric Behaviour?

Altogether TOO MANY pictures of this sort are available from Very varied sources. …Are We to Believe them? That such things really happened? I shall not be able to answer ‘that’ question. But I do have Something Else.

One of my Friends, DS, who is also in Facebook, had taken a trip to lanka. This was ‘after’ the Ceasefire. He spoke about:

  1. Having to take a ‘Korea-like’ tour of the island. You are not allowed to go about at Your Will.
  2. Checkposts Everywhere! Manned by the lankan army.
  3. What Tamilians are left there are harassed left and right, and Tamilian Girls going to School, having to cross these Check points, have a Hard Time. …You will have to Fill in the Blanks.

Talking to me, DS literally Choked Up. Even as of now, he refuses to talk about it, So affected is he. If ‘Post’ Cease-fire incidents had been enough to evoke such emotions, What would have been the Situation during the Conflict?

DS is a Trustworthy man. I Believe what he has told me. THAT makes me think that the lankan govt ‘has’ been guilty of war crimes.


To come to India now:

The Tamilians in lanka are Tamils, nevertheless. And Tamils constitute a goodly percentage of the Indian population. Not that numbers should matter.

Here We see the Indian govt choosing to sit on its hands, though it is a question of Atrocities against a Whole Population of Tamils, who have Relations even now in Tamil Nadu. Whereas the UN has passed the resolution.

lanka is not an ‘Oil’ country. Nor a Major Importer/Exporter for India. What is the Basis for the Indian government’s Inaction in this regard? There is talk of trying to curb china’s influence in the area. But at the Cost of its Own People?

So THAT is the Way governments function.

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