3 Reasons Why Kejriwal is one of India’s Greatest!

1. The following picture shows Arvind Kejriwal, the Leader of the AAP (a newly formed Party of the Common People), arriving at a man called ‘Lali’s’ house, in the Traditional manner, with a Platter with Fruits and Flowers, etc.


2. This one shows Lali Crying. Actually he is begging Arvind’s pardon. He is doing this because he had Slapped Arvind on the Pretext of Garlanding him. Yet Arvind had called on Lali with Respect! The Platter Symbolizes that.


3. The next photographs shows the Swellings on Arvind’s face, particularly under his left Eye, under his Cheek bone, etc. The Injuries and Pains that he must have suffered could not be shown. Nor that of his Wife and Children, or that of his Father.


(All Photographs from Facebook)

Arvind was Slapped during his Campaigns. But,

He will the be the ONE person whom Indian History will Remember of these times, with Praise, along with the Other Greats of India, like the Mahatma.

What courage is required to slap a man who refuses police protection? (Though, after the horse has bolted, in this picture we can see ‘armed police’ deputed for his protection).


Now, Please Name 5 Indian politicians who would do as Arvind has done!

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