My ‘easter’ celebrations this year

hotair balloons


For the Holy Week Triduum, I was at … . [No, the three dots do not signify any town or city with three letters for its name!]

A Very Traditional People. All the Reading were read. In their Fullness. Of course, More than 70% of the People did not pay attention to them.

Somehow, they paid Good Attention to my Homilies, on which I took an average of about 45 minutes. They wanted more. BUT. Whatever the Results may be in the Future, on the Days themselves, I seem to have been Totally Ineffective.

But then I ask for the Most Peculiar things.

… has an astonishing 10 parishes, seemingly all within a kilometre of each other. Yet, (catholic) Christians or Not, there was a regular Competition between the parish I was serving, and the neighbouring one! Our neighbours thought that We HAD to hear what was taking place there. And ‘my’ people Gleefully thought the same!

For a congregation of about 700 people, spread around something like a football field, there were about 18 to 20 LARGE speakers, blaring away! This in spite of my having asked the mike fellows to keep the levels at about ‘5,’ after having taken a round. …Even Young Men were Flinching.

On Maundy Thursday, I had felt inspired to concentrate on ‘Love.’ I had said, Love would mean Not disturbing those who were Sleeping. I pointed out the our Moslem brethren give out their calls early in the morning, but it is Waking time for India. And our Hindu brethren let off a lot of firecrackers, but finish those celebrations at about 10 PM. I pointed out that only we, (so called) Christians choose to MAKE our Neighbours hear things, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, and seem to find happiness in that. And I had noticed some small children crying out in the night, right in the next compound, which seemed to be an Orphanage.

So at the end of the Eucharist they set off Firecrackers and Fireworks, which again made many Flinch and Shy away. Later I learnt that some 15,000 rupees had been spent on this.


[Both the above pictures, taken from Facebook, are about Sudan; Nothing(?) to do with the parish where I had gone. ]

And the parish had two or three ‘staff’ who are very kindly paid all of, and a goodly rs. 3,500 pm, for this and that.

…Are We Christians like ‘Balloons’? Beautiful to look at from the outside, but full of Just Hot Air inside? Did not Christ use ‘better’ words, like ‘Sepulchers,’ to speak about situations like ours?

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