JUST What the World needed Just now!

(From my tweets:)

1. The catholic authorities have very kindly given us what We need the MOST, (Haha!). Two new ‘saints’.

2. And men with Such Varied backgrounds! Pp John the 23rd had Opened the Doors/Windows of the church. jp2 closed everything down again!

3. Yet both ‘made’ saints in the Same breath! Haha! And jp2 with sins of Paedophile priests on his conscience, (We presume he had one).

4. More than 15,000 children affected. That is not important for the ecclesiastical authorities.

5. But, as Periyar, a Very Wise man of India said, “There WILL be people to fool us so long as We are ready to be fooled.”

6. Big Crowds at ‘saintification’ ceremony! What to do! People are Bored.

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