It Seems it is Very Difficult to be ‘Brainy!’

And it would seem, Very Easy to be Brainless. Consider… I present You what would be a little story, from a ‘Serial’ named ‘Deiva Magal,’ running in the ‘Sun TV’ channel.

…The ‘Hero’ works in an office, that grants or refuses permission for building works. He has the ‘good’ habit of Taking Bribes.



In the story, the people who are asking for the building permission run a house of prostitution. The ‘hero’ has to go to this ‘house’ to collect his money. But he does not Know it is such a house.

Meanwhile, the hero’s sister-in-law has fallen into the clutches of this ‘house.’ And Very Conveniently, she is kept in a room which oversees the portico, where our ‘hero’ is receiving the money. And this room has ‘One-Side’ windows too, whereby the captive girl is able to see the money changing hands, but the hero is not able to see his sister-in-law.

After a lot of complications, this girl reaches her mother’s house.

And there she tells her mother that our ‘hero’ is a very bad man; who goes to such houses of ill repute.

The girl, on the basis of what she has seen, has formed her own conclusions, what if they are in the Worst light!

And her mother, without any further enquiry, believes her daughter’s version of things.


The thing is that People are Ready to Believe many things without enough Verification. In many cases there Is the Problem that there is No Communication between many of those involved. But that cannot, and should not, be a Reason for such Readiness to believe Gossip and Tales!

In Tamil, they have a saying: ‘Even If You are drinking Just Milk under a Palm Tree, people will doubt that You are drinking Toddy.’

So, let us not drink Milk under Palm Trees, nor Take it for Granted that a Person ‘Is’ drinking Toddy, if We see him drinking something under that Tree.

Gandhiji’s Famous Monkeys may say it better, if I may Paraphrase things a bit:

  • Let us Be Careful in Interpreting What We HEAR,
  • Let us Be Careful in Interpreting Even What We SEE,
  • And When in Doubt about Realities, Do let us KEEP QUIET!


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2 thoughts on “It Seems it is Very Difficult to be ‘Brainy!’”

  1. I like what you’ve written, and thanks for the post 🙂 But I have a question: when this girl (who happened to be in ‘that’ house) goes and tells her mother that the hero is a very bad man, doesn’t she tell her mother that she was also in ‘that’ house, or is it that mother and daughter know about it? I really loved the toddy example 🙂


    1. My Dear Mahesh, Thanks for the comment. Let us remember that this is a ‘story’ from a ‘serial!’ Yes, she does tell her mother that she had been in ‘that’ house. But she swears that ‘nothing’ happened to her, and her family believes her. But that is only in the story. …Thanks for Your support.


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