Minors Gangraped, then Hung on a Tree

Minors gangraped n killed in up 0514

These Two girls, Cousins, were allegedly Gangraped, and Hung on a Tree.

This has happened in uttar pradesh of India.

Photo from: http://www.bhaskar.com/article/UP-sisters-killed-after-alleged-gang-rape-in-up-bjp-slams-sp-government-4629355-NOR.html


My Heart Feels like a Stone. Am I Alive? I do not want to Live in a World like this.



A. Seems there have been Triple Rapes/Gangrapes/Murders/Hangings, including those of MINORS, in uttar pradesh, all within a short time, which news has reached even the BBC.

1. akhilesh yadav, cheap minister of uttar pradesh, when interviewed, asked reporters, ‘Are YOU safe or not?’ 2. Here is what the reporter should have said to akhilesh: ‘If your daughter has been raped, would you say ‘I’ have not been raped!’ 3. Or: ‘If your Sister’s daughter has been raped, would you say ‘I’ have not been raped!’ 4. All these horrific things happening in the state after mulayam singh yadav had said: ‘Boys will make mistakes.’

B. All the accused belong to the ‘upper’ yadav community, which the victims are all from what is known as ‘OBCs,’ (Other Backward Castes).

The cheap minister akhilesh yadav, his father mulayam singh yadav, the leader of the ruling party in uttar pradesh, and the representative of the area concerned, all are yadavs.

C. The police, faithful dogs as always, have shielded culprits and have harassed the Victims! Two policemen seem to be among the Accused too!



This post has been receiving many views and comments, for which I Thank the Community. There is at least one New, Horrific statement by a policeman with reference to this case, which I have presented in a Sister Post. To go to that article, please click here.

46 thoughts on “Minors Gangraped, then Hung on a Tree”

    1. You have put it Exactly Right, my Dear Chris! The prob is that the world is NOT shocked. People prefer to remain in their comfort zones. We have to shake them up. Love.


  1. Reblogged this on rajivchopra and commented:
    This is a rather shocking post from Swami Yesudas (https://lovehappinessandpeace.wordpress.com). Shocking not for the content or the photo.
    Shocking that we have leaders who say “boys will be boys” when men rape. Shocking, because we are still in the grip of age old prejudices and biases.
    I was planning to ask the question: “What is leadership” in my next post. This is a precursor. What is leadership, if leaders allow ignorance to prevail, if they are insensitive and callous?
    What is education, if it does not open the mind, and only focusses on grade point averages.
    What is the value of such leaders, and such education?


    1. Let me start with Thanks, Rajiv. Maybe we should ask, Where is leadership? The answer, I think, is except for the Very few individuals, like Arvind and co of AAP, there are No ‘leaders.’ politics is just business, and the BEST business. Start with 300 crores and end with 800 is the idea. All these politicos, judges and the police, who are all in cahoots, care two jots for the People.


    2. As for Education… That is Big business, is it not? Even most Christian schools, from whom I expect MUCH, being a Christian myself, are out to make money, particularly in the South, etc. Value? Is ANYBODY talking or teaching Values?


  2. Will they? Make a difference I mean? There has to be something very rotten with our entire society for something like this to happen in the first place.


    1. My Dear Madhu, thank You for going through the post and commenting. …I seem to lose You there, in Your question. As for Rottenness, yes, there is Much of it. Let us keep fighting. Love and Regards.


  3. But it is not shocking to those there. That’s the problem. I just heard a news story yesterday on the behavior of Japanese men — toward a female elected official. Very hard to understand…. While “the rest of the world” finds these things vile, we leave it up to the individual countries to take action. Right. :/


    1. Hello, there! Thank You for going through the post and commenting. …Do not know about Japan. While I would say that the Orient treats its Women vilely, the West is Not far behind. And they drag in St. Paul into this too, though wrongly. …Let us keep in touch and keep fighting. Love and Regards.


  4. Oh…this is painful…on many levels…for many reasons 😦
    I think it’s important that more people become aware of situations like this that happen all over the world. Thank you for sharing.


  5. This is so horrendous, how awful to have to live in such fear. Why on earth would they hang them? Why do the families not cut them down at least?


    1. Thank You for Your visit to the site and the comment, Rachel. As for Your question, …Rules. The police has to be informed, ‘they’ will come, (when they will, because in cases like these they will drag their feet), and ‘they,’ the police alone can bring the bodies down, etc.

      The role of the police in all this is a very rotten one, which I shall update today on the post.



    1. Thank You, Candia, for going through the post, for the Support and the comment. Yes, it is most shocking. And You are Right, the Day of Judgement alone may put these things right. The political/judiciary systems are not working. Regards.


    1. You are right, Sonia! And punished severely enough, so that others would think many times before doing things like these. Thanks for visiting the Blog and taking time to comment.


  6. We need to make vigilance communities in every town/city/village. Its a hard task? Yes, it is. To find people risking their precious time and comfort is very hard these says but I believe that our world is full of good people. Out of every 1 ill minded criminal, there are 100s of those who can bring a change. They just need to stand up to end the evil ones. They need an inspiration and the inspiration alone will give rise to the motive. We will have to build a unity. I personally believe that any person can be a criminal if he is not guided well enough. There’s always this rage in every citizen to be an outlaw. And it is really sad that we are developing so fast yet we are still strangled in the chords of evilness in the society. We need to end the evil. Evil must fear the good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You, my Dear Arjun! …And I am glad You used the words: ‘vigilance communities,’ and NOT Vigilantes!

      I agree with You that evil should fear the Good. But for Citizens to try to fight the evil minded, the Gundas, and such is Not really practical.

      It is not just a question of having guns and things. We have to learn how to use them.

      It would be Better if we keep Challenging Our elected leaders, and Demand that they give Good, Safe and Just administration.

      Regards. 🙂


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