Tiananmen Square massacre – In Memoriam


“Today marks the 25 anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre that saw China’s People’s Liberation Army gun down hundreds of civilians in a brutal crackdown on protests against government corruption, lack of transparency and freedom of speech.” (From Article).

Tiananmen Square massacre

Graphic from article.



The Newspaper post deals more with the  man who has become a Symbol of that Resistance, now famous as TANK MAN. His Courage Needs our Salute, of course. But they have also Researched into, and have Discussed, His Interaction with the Tank Men/Drivers.

“Jan Wong, the former Toronto Globe and Mail Beijing correspondent, remembered seeing tanks repeatedly attempting to drive around him, before switching off their motors.”

Those Tank Drivers showed that they were True Human Beings. I had Never known this. This piece of news Electrifies me! I Salute those Drivers too!


I have Repeatedly said that Members of the Armed Forces should even be Ready to Refuse orders if and when Necessary. After all, the Trials post hitler’s time have shown that ‘I was following Orders’ is NOT going to be Acceptable.

It is the Brass that proves, time and again, to be Guilty. If Not the courts, Time will Question them.


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