On Smriti Irani and the Freedom of Expression

SMRITI IRANI’s declarations on her Educational qualifications seem to have differed, and in discussing that, some fear had risen on the Freedom of Speech and Expression in India during the new regime.


Image from: www.dnaindia.com

She is a newly elected minister of the present administration. As can be seen from the saffron colour, the lotus symbol and the flags in the background, she belongs to the bjp, the Bharatiya janata party. But these are presented for some info into her background, and have no bearing on the subject at hand.

Supposedly the least educated in her party, she has said: “A Public figure should be open to Criticism!” This is Something We have NOT heard from politicians.

This makes Smriti Irani one of the Champions of the Freedom of Speech, as far as India is concerned. 

For this I Admire and Appreciate her, though I am a supporter of the AAP, the Aam Aadmi Party. I am Impressed Indeed. Kudos, Smriti!


politicians had passed the IT66A almost for their own benefit, and had made generous use of it for themselves in the past. Example: Chidambaram’s son. When it was said and questioned how this man’s wealth had reached such proportions is such a short time or something, the above law had been used, and the questioner had been Jailed in short order.

The above had been done when the congress had been at the centre. I hope the new administration will take pointers from Smriti, and that Freedom of Speech and Expression will not be curtailed.

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