Gruesome – Young man Bites Girl’s Lips

From my Window in my Train compartment, I saw a middle-aged man trying to catch a young man of about 25, on the next platform. It turned out that the young man had Bitten a Girl’s Lips, and Run off. But all this I had learnt by and by. …It all started like this.

Yesterday evening (12.06.2014) I was starting one more trip back from Nagarcoil to Thanneerpalli, by Train no. 16609, the Coimbatore Express . I was fortunate enough to have a reservation, getting berth number 48 in the S5 coach. The Train was to start at 20.30 hours, and the incident happened at about 20.10 hours.

Many men and young men had started chasing the culprit. He had given them all a good chase, and I, having got down, hoping to see the proceedings, saw the police marching the fellow down the over-head stairs.

When I asked a passer-by what had happened, this is what I was told: “Paiyyan Pullaiya adichittu poittan.” This is Tamil. The word ‘Pillai,’ (pullai in the dialect), generally means a Child. So I thought that some fellow had beaten (perhaps Slapped) a child and run off. Crazy, I thought.

In the meanwhile, the fellow was in the hands of the police, who were ‘Enquiring’ into the incident. Some 50 people had gathered around. I got close enough to Touch the Girl, in actuality, and Young Woman; (Pillai also means a Young Woman!). She was holding a Kerchief to her Mouth, and looked Shocked. During all the time, she did not (could not?) remove the Kerchief from her mouth, and did not utter a Single word. But She did Identify the man as the one who had assaulted her.

The little crowd contained many who were in the same compartment where all this had happened. It seems that this young man, very drunk, had Bitten her on the Lips, and had even tried to pull her into the Toilet. If he had not been chased off and controlled by the people nearby, another Tragic Rape might have taken place.


The young man and the woman were not Related; and She was travelling alone.

I was Very Surprised that She had not just whipped out her cell phone, and asked the people nearby to report the proceeding to her family/relatives/friends. Dark Waters here.

The police had been talking of taking her to the hospital. That was Indeed Necessary, not only for the Pain which would have set in after the shock wore off, but also against Tetanus, as a Bite was Involved.

On the Other hand, there was the difficulty of her losing the Train, her Reservation, and her future appointments.


walking w chest out

Photo from Facebook. It has No Direct connection to the events described here.

Our train started off on time, and/but, the whole Train seemed to be Humming with the incident. Most of the Adults were Enraged that a Young Woman was traveling all by herself, with No escort.

As I said, I had got close enough to have had a few words with her. I could very well have photographed her. But as I considered that as adding to the Indignities she had already suffered, I refrained from doing so. But, as I have given the pertinent details in Bold letters in the second paragraph, You might find that some Friend or Relative of Yours was witness to that event.

…A City, Village, Railway Platform or whatever, is Not made safe by holding up placards, or by saying, ‘Tell the Boys Not to Rape.’ Well, Ladies, that is What Most of Us are Already saying.

But We also believe that ‘saying’ things is not going to change the situation. That takes some doing, And Much Time. 

Today’s news reports that a Mentally Handicapped Young woman was Gang raped by no less than 11 men in uttar pradesh of India. All this is Not going to change by a few Exchanges on Twitter or Facebook.

I just Hate things like Rape and Gang rape. That is because I Consider the Whole World as my Family. Changes in the Mindset take Decades of Ground work. I see Very few involved in this. If We pay attention, We will see that Mothers bring up their ‘boys’ under the impression that they are some kind of ‘superior’ beings. For more thoughts on this, please click here.

But till those Good days come, where Respect for Women will prevail, and when Women can Walk Alone in Safety, Do Not go out alone in such major ways. Unfortunately, there are crazy young men ready and eager to Bite Young Girls on the Lips. They seem to be Experts at Noticing and Singling out Lone, Female Travelers. It could finally come down to the question of: Are You going to Get Tetanus, or Are You going to Miss Your Train?


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