On How lawbreakers become lawmakers

Excerpts from an article in the hindustantimes. com, full reference below. Original article by: Ajai Pasricha.

…’When it comes to fielding ‘criminals’ in an election, all political parties share a common manifesto.  The fallout and its irony: 112 MPs charged with murder, kidnapping, assault and rioting will, for the next five years, debate laws.’


Image from Hindustan Times

…’The law says those accused of crimes cannot be disbarred unless they are convicted; and they cannot be convicted unless law-enforcing agencies move with speed and intent. Neither speed nor intent is a virtue of the Indian process. A lifetime can pass between the filing of a charge sheet and a conviction.’

Read more at: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/no-stopping-them-how-lawbreakers-become-lawmakers/article1-1229302.aspx

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