Victory is Only for the Brave

For all the quote from Ecclesiastes, (9:11), the Race just might be for the Swift. And The Brave. And Most of the time it goes to them, too.

usain bolt

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Horatius, a Lone Man, a Brave Man, decides to Stand Alone at the ‘mouth’ of the Bridge, a Bottleneck, and Saves Rome. His story is to be taken as an example, and not for discussion, as that is not the subject here.

I consider Gandhiji, Nelson Mandela and Arvind Kejriwal as Good Examples too.

horatius bridge

Horatius at the Bridge, graphic from:


They, the politicians, have spent Crores to come to their positions. Only the Naive would believe they spent this to ‘Serve’ their Countrymen!

Being Discussed and Questioned Threatens them. To Stop this they will effect New laws, and use All the old laws to the Full. But the Only Way to Retain Sanity, and to Ensure the Good Future of our Children, is to Keep Questioning them.

If We have to have Victory in this, We have to Act. And let Us Remember that Only the Brave Achieve it.

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