On Preity Zinta and…

Preity Zinta had made a Complaint. Now I find that She is becoming the Accused! Actually, She is being Blamed for Two things: One, of Filing False charges, and Two, of Bringing on Media coverage on a Small happening, when so many Major (sexual) assaults are taking place.

preity zinta

Preity Zinta, from: http://www.fansshare.com


In the midst of all this, during one of the TV debates conducted by NDTV, one of the experts on the panel, one tavleen singh, (among others), wanted to say that Preity’s case was a minor one, or words to that effect. Anyway, where I accept that I am not sure of the words, tavleen was definitely all for minimizing the issue.

tavleen singh

Image of tavleen singh from: www.oxfordbookstore.com

Please understand that I have plenty of People who Love me, though I would not technically call them ‘Friends.’ And I never got to have a Girlfriend. Alas?! But for the post I am supposing one. [Oh, the Sacrifices I have to make!] 🙂

Now let us suppose that I have become irritated with my Girl Friend, and start calling her, ‘Fat Bum,’ in her hearing. Subsequently, I just start ‘Mouthing’ the words whenever I catch her eye. Go on, Please Imagine that and Visualize it.

How long, do You think, before She starts tearing out her hair? Now, if I were to substitute a four letter word instead of Fat girl or something, one should begin to see what would happen to a person at the receiving end.

The Greatest Pains need not be Physical at all. Heartache never is. And Heartache is a Major problem. Am not talking about heart attacks, either. …I do wonder how tavleen would have responded if I had mouthed four letter words at her, and If I could have got it Trending!


It seems that Preity had wanted to say that this wadia had ‘Outraged her Modesty,’ or something like that. That is what her lawyer was saying. And, as You know, I know Absolute Zero about law.

Instead of this ‘Outrage of Modesty‘ business, she seems to have used the words: ‘molestation‘ in her complaint. Oh, just How could She commit such a Crime! Naturally the World is Up in Arms. A whole Three page (counter) complaint has been drafted, duly signed and submitted, as a result of which now Preity has to answer just How She could have committed so vile an act. Oh, Brother.


On the other hand, the media ‘has’ made much of it. But I ask, Why Blame the Media? It will dish out what people want. Period.

As for Preity, is it not Naive to think She got the Media to make this into such a Big bit of news? It has been said that political parties had spent Hundreds of Crores on their campaigning, and on the media coverage. Preity’s detractors would have us believe that she manipulated such large coverage. This is Not to deny that people in Show business do not have Friends in the Media.


Over Facebook and Twitter, people had gone to the extent of calling Preity the worst possible names.

Let me draw up some Questions.

Preity is a reasonable well off girl, rich, if You want to put it that way. An Actress, from what I understand, and the Owner of a Cricket team, no less. Does that mean that people have the Right to make Fun of her Complaints? Is She entitled to Justice or Not?

The Reversal of Charges on mere Technicalities, and small people making fun of her, all reek of male high handedness!


Whether We get it or Not, I Fully Expect Justice and Redressal for Each and Every Individual, irrespective of being poor or rich, male of female, big or small.

As Tagore had said: ‘Into that Heaven of Freedom, my Father, Let my Country Awake.’


  1. I heard about this! Although I am a outsider looking in with very few real facts about her situation – she seems like she is unravelling. Hopefully the truth comes out and those at fault are punished.


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