What to do when an 8 year old Kills?!

I had the following from a Young Friend: ‘When a 2 year old is raped and killed, why should her 8 year old sinner be given a reprieve? That is my argument against saving juvenile criminals. I do not agree that a survivor/victim has less rights than the criminal.’

I really wonder if an 8 year old can physically rape somebody, if it is medically possible.


The discussion had been on the punishment to be meted out to Juvenile Rapists. The example that directly springs to mind is that of a young man, a 17 year old, the one ‘juvenile’ in the gang, who had Inserted heated Iron rods inside the body of his victim, besides participating in the gang rape. he had been described by the survivor victim as the Most brutal of her attackers. This is from the gang rape, now notorious under the name of the Nirbhaya case, in Delhi some time ago.

Much talk has taken place over the issue. I recommend that he be Physically castrated, and that a bullet be put in his foot, to remind him of the Sheer Life-long Pain he has caused his Victim.

To anybody and everybody who would protest against my no doubt Most severe recommendation, may I say, speak to me after inviting 5 or 6 to rape You? (Should I be dirty and say that it Should be Rape?). Should I be Magnanimous and say that ALL of them can be mere 17 year olds? Should I say, Do that, and then We will talk?

Would that not be Most Simple, and bring a Surprising End to the Discussion!? The thing is, those who think and feel: ‘It is No Skin off My back,’ should not enter into discussions or philosophize.

So, let Nobody say I have no sympathy or feelings for the Victims.


On the other hand, in the case of 8 year olds… I am not sure just how this case had sprung up. It was cited by my Young Friend, I am sure, with all good will.

Unlike 17 year olds, an 8 year old would and should be considered a Child. Searching for ‘Over-grown’ 8 year olds, I did come across the following:


In this instance, Tyrus, the young Boy, ‘was accused of biting another student and getting into fights.’ ‘He’s (also) alleged to have stabbed a principal with a pencil, though no medical attention was needed.’ [Quotes from the article].

Those are the worst things that could be said with regard to this Child, ‘the special needs student diagnosed with cerebral palsy.’ [Quote from the article].

8 year old TyrusImage of Tyrus: www.reviewjournal.com

After going through the various other photographs presented in the article cited above, the moustache over his lips seems real. Clearly an Ailing Child. Being raised up, …by his Grand Mother. How much and what sort of a role is the absence of his parents playing in the Young Lad’s disorder?

Further on his behaviour: ‘He asked for his grandmother, but no one would let him call her, he said. …He cried.’ [Quotes from the article]. Not the sort of thing a ‘criminal’ would do.

All in all, this Child needs a Home. A Home which would provide him with Counselling services and Support. If ever a Home like that Exists.


I do remember reading a story Years ago, of a Really Vicious child, of the comparable age of 8 years or so, whose doings, which included his suffocating somebody with a pillow, making somebody trip over a wire stretched across the stairs, and things like that. That had made even my skin crawl. ‘Even’ in the sense, I consider myself rather hardened. That had been in some sort of Mystery magazine.

If We are to concede that Children like these exist in real life, I would put their occurrence at no more than 1 in a Billion. If We find them, let us put them in some good Home. …When We Adults cannot be Trusted to Run a Really Useful Rehabilitation Centre, Why to make a hullabaloo about 8 year olds?


All these talks of Juveniles and their Rights. Their Rights DO Need to be examined, particularly in their detention homes. I would say that those who ‘Run’ our Juvenile homes are Not doing those same young people One Bit of Good.

Laws are being made by people who have No Idea of Hunger, Thirst, Pain, Suffering or Problems, and executed by groups of Just the Same sorts. This does Need looking into.


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