Indians Abducted in Iraq, and US Air Strikes

40 Indians abducted by rebels in Iraq. And Hidden in UNKNOWN locations. That is the news.

indians abducted in iraq 0614

Family of Sonu. Image Credit: PTI. From:


Iraq has asked the US for Air Strikes against the Rebels. The US is Rightly hesitant on Airstrikes as it does not have enough Military Intelligence on the matter, and has said so. It must be remembered that the US and the coalition forces had taken a Whole Year in preparation for Ousting saddam hussein’s forces from Kuwait.

The thing is, the News Channel NDTV seems to be eager for these Strikes, as evinced in NDTV asking: ‘Can the US afford to ignore iraq’s call for Airstrikes?’! I noticed these words, and was even able to memorize it from the scroll in TV.

The thing is, Tomorrow, if umpteen Indians get killed in Air Strikes, Iraq is going to say Nothing, but NDTV will criticize the US for the bombing!

…Generally, I find NDTV quite responsible and treading the sensible, middle path. But if not this one, then the other (channel), and if not in this piece of news, then in the other; Media errs, and Disappoints us with its presentations.

What if Indians are Abducted? What if Air Strikes are carried out and people, including Civilians caught in the Crossfire are killed? Media, or more properly Story Writers, are more interested in Viewership Numbers, and thence, the Advertisement chances. We Hope and Pray these things Change.

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