A Bit Of Whimsy – Delhi, Climate Change & Inter-Planetary Travel.

Let us congratulate our administration, (previously called government) for taking us to the stage of enabling whole cities on Interplanetary travel.

But who knows what all other cities and villages besides delhi are doing this!

A Very good post by Rajiv.

Where Is Delhi? Where Is Delhi?

Hail, Ye Merry Mortals. The summer temperatures in Delhi touched 47.8 Centigrade. Accordingly, we decided to detach ourselves from Planet Earth, and escape..

As I write this post from outer space, I am listening to the immortal album called “Waiting For The Sun”, by The Doors. Ironic, yes?

Ye, who live on Planet Earth, I see, make television serials about inter-planetary, nay inter-galactic travel. This, my merry friends, is old. The technology is so old. You only talk about starships. We have managed this with an entire city.

I have read that, somewhere in the distant future, when the sun eventually dies, it will expand into a huge red ball, and will consume all, or most of the planets of the solar system. Planet Earth will certainly be one of these that will be consumed. As you, dear Mortals, kill your forests, and pollute the atmosphere, you…

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