Funds being blocked for Greenpeace in India


As far as I understand, Greenpeace is doing Excellent work. It will be due to Organizations like these that Our Children can Hope for a Better Future and a Livable Planet. In India, its funds are being blocked. Very indirectly, of course.


I had sent off a number of tweets on the subject, as under:

1. Only those who do not care about Ecology and Environment would object to the existence of an org like Greenpeace.

2. And this time, behold Who is objecting to Greenpeace? The policy makers. Those who makes crores just by a mere signature.

3. They say Greenpeace is against the Advancement of the Country. Destroy the Balance of Nature and call it Advancement?

4. Any org, including Greenpeace, has to apply for FCRA, submits yearly reps, is audited. WHAT need to stop funds unless wrongs there?

5. Curtailment of Freedom. A Free Voice and the Right even to Protest, all fast disappearing.


fallen cherub

Are We SURE the above will Not happen?


Perhaps the one good thing in this kind of a scene is that Little Red Riding Hood would NOT be distracted by the Wayside Flowers. There are None. …Image:

…945 Whales in a Year. It might not matter if all that Whale, its meat and other parts included, were Really Used. But is Not 95 % of that catch Wasted?

overhunted whales

And, to state one more, Greenpeace protests against nuclear proliferation. Is that a bad thing?

greenpeace ag nuc


Organizations like Greenpeace Must be supported, through funds, through our Efforts and Time, in India, and Everywhere.

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