Horrific Add-Ons to Preity Zinta’s case

We have heard that Preity Zinta had complained that her former friend, ness wadia was harassing her. In this seeming case of problems between two ‘celebrities,’ there have risen Technical Problems which Affect Us All.

The Legal Implications with the new developments make for Really Bad News! Voices, over Cell phones, from International Calls, lasting Seconds, are supposedly ‘recognized’ by ‘human beings,’ and courts will accept that!




ness wadia’s father had reported to the police that he received phone calls and messages from an underworld figure, threatening him. Going back on this for a bit, I find it hard to believe that a person like Preity, an Actress, would be having contacts with dons, the mafia and the nether world in general. politicos would do this as a matter of routine. But Actresses?

There is Worse to come. ness wadia’s father/the police seem to have succeeded in ‘recording’ the voice of the man who had threatened. So far so good.

But now they say that this voice sample has been confirmed as belonging to that particular man by… ness wadia’s father’s secretary!

The World is going up in flames, folks! India might be Third World. But Voice recognition, not by sophisticated machines but by Ear, by human beings? And Warrants for Arrest on this basis? Visual Recognition is hard enough. To take a so called ‘audible’ cognition, that too from speeches lasting mere seconds, as warrant for proof in court bodes Ill for Us. Tomorrow, any and every Tom, Dick and Harry Potter can mimic Your voice, and behold, there will be seventeen and a half witnesses swearing that it was You, and bingo, In You go, to jail of course.

Preity Zinta’s case it might be. But this is Not good news for Us. An Extremely Poor ‘system.’ This post of mine has very little to do with Preity’s case. It is more to do with the Legal Implications with regard to ‘Voice Recognitions.’ …To see some background on this case, please click here.


  1. Someone once said, “There are skirmishes and battles in the world. But when Love dies, it rots.’
    What a pity to reduce a romance to thrilling news.
    And yes, both parties are wealthy and influential enough to bend the law any which way they wish. Meanwhile we in the audience can watch the circus wide-eyed.
    Was she telling the truth or not? Can’t the CCTV at IPL venue atleast clarify that?


  2. I hope justice will find its way swiftly soon. Yes, the justice system can be very frustrating in developing countries. I know that by heart cause I grew up in the Philippines where poverty and corruption affects both the time and verdict of a case. In the end, we just have to hope and pray that true justice will happen,


    • Yes, You are right, Brother. But I really wonder if We are going to find Justice on Earth. In No country I see it happening. But I speak from very limited experience, of course. We Hope and Pray.


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