Minors Gangraped, Hung… New Updates


My previous post on this event in UP in India, where 2 Minors were Gang Raped and then Killed and Hung on a Tree has received Many views and Comments. On the One hand, even now, when I recall that event, I feel like Vomiting, and my Energy goes down. But the Response has been good.

I Repeat: The Response has been good. I Thank God for Democracy. Which allows one to Speak Out. And this Speech/Writing Alone can bring about Change. But that will happen ONLY if Enough People Speak Out.


Below I show You the police presence where the Girls had been left handing. The police arrived after some 15 Hours! And WHY so many police personnel, I ask? India’s masses do not turn on their police. And just by the way, have a second look at the ‘Arrogant’ stance of the constable at extreme right, and the ‘Casual’ stance of the Woman constable facing the camera.

2 minors badauni pol presence

Image: http://www.dailylife.com.au/news-and-views/dl-opinion/how-to-talk-about-the-sexual-violence-in-india-20140609-39seo.html …By the way, the article in this link is Very Well written.

To say a little more on the ‘Prompt’ response of the police to atrocities like these, We have ‘Yesterday’s’ incidence, also in UP, where a 7-year-old was abducted and gangraped by 3 men. The police responded after Two and a Half hours. And all three culprits, by the way, are uncaught as yet. Worse, the TV channels are reporting that the Police had prevented that Child from getting Medical treatment for 2 Hours.

Going back to the Important thing I wanted to Update You about the 2 minors gang raped and hung… It seems that the father/relatives of the girls had traced her to the house of one of the ‘upper caste’ (yadav) fellows. The time is about midnight. And there is a police constable there. And…

The policeman informs those who had come in search that the Girls would be returned to them After Two Hours!!!

The Rapists have the Gumption to acknowledge the presence of the Victims, and dare to tell the Parent to return in two hours, after the Children have been Ravaged. This is from TV news.


As far as Punishments for low life these, I say: Beat the **** out of them, as I have written in a New post. The police are Not going to do it. The courts are Not going to Oblige. We have to do it. To go to that article, Please click here.


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