Politicians, and Private Jets

It seems a Private Jet costs about 4,000 Dollars an Hour to Fly. That is about 2.5 Lakhs an Hour. As You will see, I have been ‘busy’ this morning doing all kinds of ‘Important’ research! Hehe. It all started with one of India’s politicians, the chief ministress of gujarat, anandiben patel, having bought/got a 100 crore (c 16 million dollars) Jet for her travels.

This post is offered in the sense: ‘When Your Stomach pains, You Satire!’


To Start off, the Most expensive pvt jet in India is owned by mukesh ambani it seems, unless of course some smart millionaire has succeeded in buying something more costly and hiding it in his garage! Now for the ambani jet:

abmbani mukeshs jet

73 million dollars works out ‘roughly’ to about 425 crores. What ambani would spend on Peanuts when his grand children take him to the Beach.

Next I present You a small, luxury jet owned by India’s Really Poor Man. He is SO Poor, his employees have not been paid. And that is a Fact. As for his jet:

mallya vijay jet

The picture says: ‘This magnificent luxury private jet…’ but I suppose You Already noticed that. And, since he is poor and was constantly crying in his sleep, his mother bought him a Cricket Team, a Formula One Racing Team, and as these did not work, a few more jets, for him to play with in his bathtub. As this picture says:

mallya vijat jets

I am Not going to say what this graphic says, as my Chemistry professor used to quip.

And now for one of the Tata’s, one of India’s Oldest and Most Respected business houses. Though, with regard to lands required for their ‘Nano’ plant, the Tata’s seem to have spoilt their name.

tata ratan jet

Overtly Busy Schedule. Even the media says that.

All graphics above, From: http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-8-most-expensive-private-jets-owned-by-indian-billionaires/20111230.htm#1


Now to come to the chief ministress, it would seem that she too would like to emulate her leader, modi, who spent Mucho time Out of gujarat during his election campaigns. Who knows, modi might want to consult her, and even she might like to reciprocate!

Gandhinagar, gujarat’s capital and Delhi are a goodly 900 Kms apart. Repeating myself, by having bought a Jet for a measly 100 crores, c 16 million dollars, our good cm would save all of Half an Hour! As compared to journey by a propeller aircraft, I mean. We fail to appreciate our politicos.

guj cm anandiben-patel

The goodly gujarat cm, anandiben patel. Image: www.dnaindia.com

What, did I hear You say that Altogether Too Many Children in gujarat are Undernourished? What has that got to do with politicians, or the Scheme of things, like buying Private Jets? Now let us all go and buy a new Cell phone or a good Deodorant.


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