WHY Can’t We…

I Fail to Understand. In India, people even seem to ‘like’ to beat up pickpockets and petty thieves. Ok, it would take special kinds of people to handle a Man wielding a Knife. But Rapists? When they are becoming More daring day by day, and carrying out such deeds while yet in their Teens? Are there No MEN left in India? Just Why Can’t We Beat the **** out of these mangy fellows?

If I seem Bloodthirsty, I make No Apologies. I do Hope and Pray Nobody from the Families of Our Blogging community gets Raped. And if that does happen, Please Hope and Pray that Some Madcap like me is there, to Stand With You.

I Wish to write a few more lines on this. At least in India, Everybody fears Rape of their Womenfolk. That is Why No Family Allows their Women to Travel alone. But the Trouble is that people think ‘It will Not happen to Them.’ Yet it is beginning to happen. A Child of 7 is out, playing, and She is abducted and Gangraped. Police even Hinder in allowing the little Girl medical attention. (Read more about this here.)

WE DEFINITELY ARE OUR BROTHER’S KEEPERS. We are Answerable for them. I live by that.


Here is an instance where a policeman DRAGS a mere Thief by his motorcycle, stopping only when the poor man fainted.

policeman drags thief

Image: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1561618/Indian-police-filmed-helping-mob-beat-thief.html

Frequently, Thieves Steal just to Stay alive. Some, who rob, for instance, Motorcycles, make a few thousands more. It seems a Cambodian mob beat some of them to Death, as in:

beaten to death motor cycle robbers

Frenzied Cambodian mob kills motorcycle thieves with bamboo sticks

Why are We Citizens Hesitant to become Hard with Rapists? Why do Rapists, Murderers and Serious Criminals get special protection from Courts and police, not to say politicians?

Their identities are Hidden. They are Protected and Mollycoddled.

hiding culprits

hiding culprits:

And these are Gang Rapists, mind You. See How Casually, Unconcernedly, they Stand? All those fat police fellows are interested just in getting their photographs taken.

The political class benefits by hiding the identities of criminals. The courts, ‘Back Scratchers’ for the politicos, concur. After all, is it for Nothing that cases against politicians drag on for centuries (haha, decades, at least!). No judge declares his assets.

All politicians, down to the Street and Village level one, has a number of rowdies at his beck and call. Killings and Murders of political opponents is No new thing, at least in India. And when such fellows get ‘caught,’ they get ‘release’ orders, right at the police stations, and get added to the private armies of politicos. Otherwise, Where Else are You going to find people ready to chop off someone’s head for a few thousands?

It is becoming a case of ‘Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child.’ The Fear of God has to be Instilled. And Crooks Need it Very Much. At present, We Citizens are living in Fear, and the Ungodly have NO idea of fear. Should Not things be in reverse?

I am No Anarchist. Nor a Vigilante. I will Participate in No Lynching. On the contrary, I shall try my best to stop such things. But Why Can’t We give a Good Beating to Rapists? I Fully Believe it will make a difference. Find them out in their villages and mohallas, and give it to them. But Always do it in Numbers, of course.

…There is an Update. They are making the Victims go through Lie Detector Tests. Read it here.


  1. I agree that the response to thieves are brutal and unjustly. As for rapist, maximum punishment should be done with them and they should be the one suffering the police wrath and the lay people, not thieves. Yes, sometimes stealing is someones way to making sure their children will not starve or die from a disease because they have money to buy meds.


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