How Safe are Women in YOUR area?

To talk Raw, (not of RAW, that silliest of American sports, mind You!), …In and around Thanneerpalli I am aware of 5 Rapes and Molestations. In one notorious case, a Teacher was raped, killed and buried, and it is said that the culprit is a minister of state!


…People still (and here comes the Raw part!) Defecate out in the Open. When a Young girl had gone for her business early in the morning, somebody had tried to Force her. The whole village was humming for weeks. And they called it ‘Chain snatching!’ What quaint terms! Great (golden) chain she would have had, coming from a hovel, and early in the morning too!

Within the last week, there has been a case of a Young schoolgirl who was abducted and raped by a grown man, (Villages Parali and Mayiladi involved, both about 3-5 Km from us in different directions). I tried to get a picture of this problem at our local police station, but all I got was that of a different incident, though in our area.

kulithalai girl raped a

That is our local ‘Women’s’ police station, at our town nearby, Kulithalai, some 3 Kms from my place. Picture from the TV channel ‘Puthiya Thalaimurai.’

Are We Not supposed to Speak out for these Hapless People? This post is also part of How We are All Called to be Heroes. To go there, please click here.


Updates: (27.06.14)

The Girl who was Raped was a mere 12 year old School girl. And the man who carried out this heinous crime is a 32 year old, married man, who has a child himself.

In another case, in Karur, which is our District headquarters, a Girl who had gone to work in the Textile mills there, was Raped by …21 men! God Save Us.

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