Our Different Situations!

I Can think of at least 20 in my area who are Hungry. At least a 100 must be living in Fear; of their Future, their Husbands, of being Abandoned by their Children.

A man nearby, a Compulsive Gambler, has chased off his wife. This Woman is a prime candidate if You want to count the Bones in the Human body, without buying a Skeleton. Their Youngest girl is about 15 now. The older one already has a Baby, father Unknown or Unacknowledged. Means, All the Children Can and Could have Spoken up for their Mother. But Nobody is interested in bringing this poor woman home. It is Not because She is of a Bad Character either.

A Woman nearby has Two Buffaloes. People can save up quite a Lot with that. She exists on Gruel. Her husband is a Pure Drunkard; she has to give him money to drink, and receive his beatings.


Image: villagesporteursdeprojets.org

Typical Indian buffalo, and typical Indian conditions! No, it is Not That woman in this picture. Yes, her buffaloes are Lean like this one. Yet she can make her living with them. And she does Not have a bit if greenery like this. But she does have a small plot, some 10 metres by 10 metres, on which she keeps some hay, which her neighbours would like to gobble up! Her husband cannot bothered by ‘small’ things like these.

By the way, just now I am living in South India. But I did not find the Economical standings in the North very different.

Let me Remind You that the Water Situation in India is getting Worse and Worse. In Erode, People have to Buy Water to Drink, and Even for their Toilet necessities! Govt Water Supply in our Area is a Trickle, and our Own motors give Us Muddy Water.

This post is part of How We are Called to be Heroes. To go there, please click here.

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