Why does he, and Why Can’t he…

Why is Yesudas writing on the topics that he does, and just Why Can’t he write on Beauty and Goodness and Love and things like that?

Now there’s a trick question if ever there was one. All I write is On Love, and Because of Love. Writing in Aid of the Have-Nots is Caring, Loving. As Christ taught us through the parable of the Good Samaritan, We, the Strong, the Able, are All Called to Help People Whom We Do Not Even Know!

Gd sam


Now let us consider our Situations.

  • To know a little about the Economical position in around my place, (320 words), please click here.
  • To learn something of Women’s Safety in my area, (230 words), please click here.

Very Probably Most of You live in conditions very different from mine. Very probably, You, my Dear Reader, living in the States or places like that, or, if living in India, in a flat in a city, would NOT be having a Circumstance like mine.


  • Why did Christ go around for about 3 Years, teaching and Demanding almost Impossible things like Loving One’s Enemy? Was it because somebody had chased Him out of His house?
  • Why did the Buddha leave the Palace? Was it because he could not stand his mother-in-law?
  • Why did Isaiah and Jeremiah Speak? Were they having Personal problems? Why was Paul on fire?

coll 0614

Gandhi, Mandela, Medha Patkar, Arvind Kejriwal… All these fought for Others. And have set us an Example. We too are called to be Heroes. And We CAN be Heroes. …Let us Do it!


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