Loving means Losing Something!

When I was in my Teens, one of my Really Rich Uncles presented me with Two Pairs of Shoes. His Old, Used ones. Not these ones, Please.

old shoes


We would All like to Love. We Say that we Love. But if our Loving is going be from the Comfort of our Armchair, from our Leftovers, like giving somebody the ‘Second’ cup of tea from the Sachet, of what Grade is that love?!

That was what cain had done. God did not ask for it, but cain said: “Oh, You want an offering? Here, take this, You can have it.”

cain abel offering


About Abel’s gifts, the Bible says, clearly: ‘…the First Lamb born to one of his sheep, …and gave the Best Parts as an Offering.’ (Genesis 4:4). It is offering something, versus Offering The Best. What are We Offering? For Our Own Children? For their Future?

People post pictures of their Outings, their Holiday Trips, of the things they ate (and drank) at their parties, and, at most, Copy and Paste some ‘holy things.’ Facebook is Full of pictures saying: ‘Say Amen if You love Jesus,’ or, ‘Say Amen if You Pray for the Hungry.’ Too Cheap.

What have We done about, let us say, the Water Situation for Our Children? Our Children’s Future involves So many Aspects. Have We at least Spoken Out? Or have We left it in the hands of the Nincompoops? You know what I mean.

Loving is Not Easy. When Winning means giving that Extra bit, can Loving be Different? About Giving, Mother Teresa had said, ‘Unless it Hurts You, You have Not Given.’

mother teresa smiling


We might be losing out a little on Our Spare Time, Our Comfort, Our Luxuries and even some Bigger things. But True Loving Means That. Making Sacrifices for Our Dear Ones. The More the Love, the Bigger the Sacrifice.


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