Video uploaded on Facebook…

This has to do with some Grand happenings. Later, they uploaded the Video on Facebook. It does not satisfy merely to ‘experience.’

reap what you sow b

If We Eat Junk food, the body becomes Junk. They want a ‘friend,’ They get ‘friends.’ It is Not only a question of what We ‘Wear.’ It is More Importantly, Where We go, When We go, and With Whom We go.

All Presented in the Hope that Our Youth will Learn.


Just what I was saying: “she had gone for lunch with a friend.” That means it is preparation (precursor is more difficult word) for a more serious ‘Date.’ People do not understand, or more importantly, Refuse to Accept, that ‘Others’ want to Join in in the Action.

“They had taken her to a secluded place.” What, after Taping the Mouth?

“A 20-year-old woman filed a police complaint against eight youth on Tuesday for raping her a year ago and later, uploading her video on a social networking site.” So madam was 19, yet in her Teens last year, but already ready to Venture into the presence of the Wolves. Well, You found out what the World is, my Dear.


All quotes above from the article. Vide:

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