I may Seem Very much like Don Quixote, but…

From my Teens I used to feel like Jeremiah. And frequently have I prayed the 7th verse (and the following ones!) of his 20th chapter. But of recent times, I am getting the Suspicion that my Friends are taking me to be more of a Don Quixote!

You Remember the fellow, the one who went around fighting Windmills! (Now there is an exaggeration!).

don q a


But I think I am doing this! As under…!

don q nuke

(The very title of the graphic says: quixote-nuke)! nf2045.blogspot.com

At times I also think I am a Knight in Shining Armour (Haha!), going around saving Damsels in Distress. As Under…

boy knight


Though the Reality is More like this…(!)

knight n comp

Working from the Computer, I mean! Alas, No maiden has told me so far that She was, or even felt, rescued by me. 😦

Image above from: tvtropes.org (Edited).

And I DO think the sorts of things shown below are happening to me! Maybe it is I who need the Rescuing! HAAALP!

knight fooled


Don Quixote I may Seem, but, I promise You, I have a Heart of Pure Iron… Ouch, Are We Not Supposed to say Gold? Anyway, there, I proved to You that I have a Sense of Humour too! Ciao.

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