Indian minister Threatens Rape

tapas pal is an Indian ‘minister,’ and he threatens Rape. He says that he would ‘Destroy Families.’ He has said that he would send his Goons and Rape the members of the Opposition parties.

rape threatener tapas pal tmc

Graphic: …Have added some Beauty Spots to his beautiful face. Not so well done, but there it is , the best I can do!

he belongs to a party called the Trinamool Congress, headed by mamata banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal in India.

Our great courts, as usual, are sitting on their hands. …My Tweets on the situation:

1. TMC tapas pal threatens to Rape oppn women. Ppl n channels asking Why mamata Not sacking him. My Questions:

2. Re tapas pal: Is mamata is afraid to act, or is obliged to the fellow, whatever reason, ARE (Female) CITIZENS TO BE AT RISK?

3. You write the MOST innocent thing against a politico or courts, and IT66A RUSHES in, and IN You go in the middle of the night.

4. Re tapas pal: What are courts doing? They move around in Sumo Motors, (Haha, SUO MOTO), WHEN it suits them.

5. Re tapas pal: To me, justice dept exists to give us protection, not to send ppl to jail.

6. Re tapas pal: If justice dept is going to wait till case filed, then dept Useless. A Burden to the Earth, and A Waste of the Rice.

7. Re tapas pal: All this happens bec courts have Protection. Ample compounds, police, and You cannot even criticize them.

8. Re tapas pal: Only when politicos and courts will receive such threats, and keep getting them, will laws be changed, things change.

9. Re tapas pal: Don’t just sack him, Break his legs, and then put him in jail and throw away the key.

…For more:

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