Ajanta and Ellora!


Never been to Ajanta or Ellora myself. But right from my Youth, We have heard of them, and I particularly remember what my Hindi Teacher said about them… [That was in my 8th Class!]

For All their seemingly Erotic content, he had said, they were put up f for 2 Reasons:

  1. The Country was occupied by the Moghuls. The people were feeling Oppressed. So these paintings are Sculptures were presented as an ESCAPISM for the Masses, to forget their problems and lighten themselves.
  2. The paintings and the Sculptures were also to Encourage Breeding, to Increase the Number of the populace, so that it would become easier to combat the occupants.

[ I am Not Ready to get into a discussion over the above points. I am Sharing what he had said, for what it is worth.

And do You know, they sound Right to me! I Firmly Believe there is Much in what he had said. ]

ESCAPISM is a Very, Very Close Cousin of APATHY.

Aj El a


Aj El b Khajuraho


Aj El c

discoveryfullcircle.com (Edited)

Aj El d




  1. I have been to Ajanta and Ellora. Escapism? I doubt it. A celebration of sexuality? I think so. My personal view is that what ails us today, is a hypocritical view towards sex


      • It is one of the points that keeps biting into me. And I see that not only We Indians, but mankind in general, would rather escape into a fantasy world, be it drinks, drugs, gambling, cinemas, or using the social medias like facebook for ‘entertainment,’ etc. People who care, People like us, who give a ‘****’ Are a Minority, after all!

        But it is a good thing that a Blog, and the Blogging World, brings People like us together.


      • This is true. However, when I look at the increasingly stressful world that we live in, I am not surprised that people escape into the world of fantasy. I was driving for a rather stupid panel discussion on Climate Change today. They talk a lot about reducing emissions. However, they have also put up ridiculous police barriers all over the roads in Delhi. They have too many red-lights, and auto-drivers and other drivers drive in a manner that disrupts traffic. This increases stress and emission. At some point, people get fed up and escape. This is bad, I know, but it is part of the world we live in


      • Accepted, Rajiv. But let me go back to my word, ‘escapism,’ which I have actually used for the Hindi word my Teacher had used, (which I shall incorporate into my post), was PALAAYAN. We are Not talking about letting one’s hair down, or RELAXING. This is Necessary. But people in general, (Not our Crowd!), want to Escape from Reality. That is the point, and Hopefully, our bringing it out into the Open and Talking about it, and things like these will bring about a Change.


  2. Oh, wow – the sculptures are …acrobatic.
    I think another important point about Ajanta paintings is that they used natural dyes, like beetroot, indigo, turmeric etc. The colors are yet vivid and have lasted across Time.


    • My Dear Swo, Thank You for visiting. …I download VERY few songs or videos bec the internet is expensive. Did download this one, tho I shall be able to listen to it only later. Shall get back to You on that.

      Your site is good. And Music IS something. …Am a bit of a composer myself, mainly in Tamil and Hindi, all religious songs. I base myself on the North Indian Classical.

      Your comments on the Culture of Rajasthan very good indeed. Pointing out the statue of the Buddha atop the Ganesha is quite something.

      Hearty Regards to You all, and All the Best.

      PS: Am not able to write on Your page as it does not open on https.

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      • Thank you, swamlyesudas, I did get your message. I believe you mentioned that you are a Catholic Priest, I have another song called Oremus Blues. In Latin it is an invitation to prayer.

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      • Thank You, Leslie! That is great! Latin does lend itself to Prayerful music. Kudos on the composition.

        I AM a catholic Priest, though I live as an Indian Sannyasi (Hermit/mendicant).

        And it is Swami Yesudas, (an ‘I’ instead of the L)!


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  3. Swami, would you mind if I ask you what do you main ” a Catholic priest live as a Indian Sannyasi “?Does that main you live alone not with any religious order or a Franciscan Priest?
    Hope I haven’t offend you.

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    • No offense at all, my Dear Myra.

      After all, Religion and Culture are two entirely different things. For instance, in England, ladies would wear Frocks, and in India, they wear Saris, and such. That is Culture.

      The Cassock, though accepted, is still considered a ‘Foreign’ dress in India. Indian monks (Sannyasis) wear the Saffron colour, and most of the time in the form of a ‘Veshti,’ (sarong like), and a Kurta (longish shirt) on top.

      So my beliefs are that of a Catholic Christian, and my way of living is Very Indian!

      Regards and thanks for the question. 🙂


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