Stop Getting Involved?

Too Bad Christ did not know this. He would not have spoken of the good samaritan, nor have Climbed the Cross. …Too many of my Brethren are fallen by the Road side, Victim to Hunger and Injustice. May I Stop Breathing the day I Stop getting Involved.

The above lines refer to the graphic below.

Ag involvement

Graphic from Facebook.

The quote comes with a Trick word: ‘everything.’ They would not have put ‘So many things,’ instead. This would not have brought them so many likes and shares.


The thing is that I consider myself a Lion. And I Believe that Most of the Blogging and the Social Network Community to be Lions too. We have the Potentiality.

We are the Educated. We are the ‘Haves.’ We have the Material Means, the Security, the Knowledge and the Experience. The only thing is, that We have Not been Challenged to Greater things.

lions good


I came across a picture like the one below, with a quote like this:

Let the joy be in the doing, and the angst will work its way out. – Keith Alan Watson

broken bridge rt

Keith’s point seems to be that We Just Walk across, Just do it, and the Angst will get worked out. Angst, God, What wonderful, Educated Words! Is Keith talking to 25 year olds? Is that what he considers the Blogging, Social Network Community to be?

We are not those who can achieve, but those who Have Achieved. We are Forgetting that.

Most of Us, including myself at my 66, I am sure, can ‘Do this,’ Cross this silly bridge even in Poor light. We have to Get to the Next Level. And that would be – Have these things Put Right. We have our Positions, the Status, and what not, to get things done.

The Lions in the picture are Marching On, Protecting their Young. How Strategically done! Are We to be Less than Lions? Stop getting Involved? Have We Even Started?!


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