Shocking! Non-Hindus Can’t even say their Prayers

‘In Bastar, 50 villages ban non-Hindu missionaries,’ says the headline. What is worse is that: ‘The Sirisguda Gram Sabha bans religious activities such as prayers, meetings and propaganda of all non-Hindu religions.’

The report also says that: ‘The dispute started when Christian families refused donations for an annual Hindu religious festival.’

(Both quotes above from the article cited).

bastar tribals

It will be seen that Many if not Most or All in the group shown are Tribals of India. They are Animists, and are called ‘Hindu’ only by groups like the VHP, etc.

Graphic from the newspaper article:

2 thoughts on “Shocking! Non-Hindus Can’t even say their Prayers”

    1. You are Right, Rajiv. But it is not limited to only the Two communities. I have written against the Christian Crusades and Inquisition, the pope’s silence during hitler’s crimes, further popes keeping quiet on Child abuse in the Church, etc.

      Not just Mistakes, but Blunders will happen. But it is necessary that, in this case Religious leaders Step in, Apologize and take Corrective steps.


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