Do We Really Need Bullet Trains in India?


Sure, it would flatter my ego, too, I suppose, to have Bullet Trains in India. But do We Really Need them, just now?

The Condition of the Passengers, and the Very Real Hazards they go through, particularly in Sub-Urban trains, is Obvious and Apparent to people living in Metros, and even to Visitors from Abroad. Here are some delightful pictures!

rush hour good

Image credit: Somehow these photographs do not seem to show the density of the Crowds that I remember when I wanted to boars such trains. I have quailed in my Slippers! And waited and waited and waited for some less crowded one. …I learnt to travel outside of Peak hours. But what are People going for Work and such supposed to do? 

rush hour ladiesdabba

Colourful picture of a Painful Reality. As We see, it is Not different for Ladies. The Hurry and the Difficulty that they Experience is evidenced by their Body Language here. Photo:


Photo from:

So Ok, the description of this graphic had said that a train had been cancelled that day. But, Do We Need this? Do We Want this? People Fall from such situations, and even get knocked down by the Stays/Pillars for the Electrical supply. Deaths occur.


The Administration is going after Pickles, when Staple Diet is in Question. And in India, Pickle is Not a ‘Food;’ it is just a food item, and is served with a Tea Spoon.

overcrowded trains

Graphic from Facebook.

Our Current Super-fast Trains are Cruising at about 110 Kmph. Bullet Trains, in India, may achieve, over Long-Distance-Travel like between Kerala and Delhi, or Kerala and Assam, not more than 160 Kmph average.

For those who dream of Bullet Trains for a distance of 300 Kms, why not take Planes? It is an Established Industry, it could use growth, and those who would appreciate the saving in time would definitely prefer that.

The Difficulties one experiences in getting Reservations in Long Distance Trains, and the Overcrowded Suburban Trains, show that the Administration’s concentration should be on these. Bullet Trains are Fine. But Do We Really Need them, for Now, in India?



  1. Good points. I remember those horrendous journeys.. The problem is, that we believe that the “common man” is like a bunch of cattle. What we need, is not politicians crying for lower fares while stealing the country’s money, but an attitude that treats people with respect. That’s when we will have better trains.


  2. My folks worked for a train here in America and my momma was a staunch supporter of rail transportation to her dying day, though she did finally get to fly in her golden years. I think I see your point. Lots of us have not flown and you know now in the United States it is quite an issue with the checking for terrorism, etal. I did fly in a private plane once, one of those little Cherokees. Seems like that kind of transportation may be nice. There is talk in USA about flying cars, too, finally becoming reality. I think that my congest the skies a bit though and I wonder what their thoughts are on that. At this point though flying does make sense and we should work on developing flight transportation, cheaper fuels, less expensive but still safe planes and jets. Really seems like they have not been doing much to make the hybrid plane as they have the car, but ain’t that America?


    • Thank You for Your kind thoughts. But as You must know, our Congestion does not exist in the Skies, but in our Trains and Buses. The bullet train, which is going to cost the earth, (for a change from the sky!), will profit big business, AND bring in gifts to the politicos, while being of use to a very few. …Regards.


  3. Maybe people cant afford to fly. it used to be more expensive than the train, although in the UK this is not the case now. Train journeys are romantic, aren’t they? Okay maybe not in that squash but generally they are a more leisurely way to travel. I agree Bullets aren’t needed but I guess if you cant afford the plane and need ot be somewhere fast – would you complain. As an aside, they are truly delightful photographs. Thank you

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    • Hello, B! In India, the Trains Are quite inexpensive, actually cheaper than the buses, but Bullet trains go to totally a different category. No ordinary man is in such a hurry as to afford or use one of those, and those in that hurry Can afford the planes!

      Add to that, Bullet trains and leisure! Haha!

      Thanks for participating. Regards. 🙂

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