The Right to Question

A member of the TMC, one of the political parties of India, had questioned the Speaker of the House. That created a furore. That raises a Question: Does a member of the house, or even a Citizen, have the Right to Question the Speaker? Or any other agency? Or Not?

Are We to be Slaves to rules made by politicos?

On these, I have Tweeted, thus:

1. I AM NOT QUESTIONING THE SPEAKER. But, just WHY Cannot one question the Integrity or Neutrality of the Speaker? Are they gods?

2. On Speaker: cont. Do We Really, in the heart of hearts, trust our police, the CBI or any investigative agency? TRUST CANNOT BE FORCED.

3. On Speaker: cont. The Speaker, any judge, or ANY body, can be questioned by the Citizen. The Citizen is Supreme. That Right Remains.

4. On Speaker: cont. Bluster, or loud words, or Table Thumping, will not prove Issues. Continued Observance alone will satisfy.

5. On Speaker: cont. Badaun Victims are being treated like the Accused. Just where are our officials/agencies letting Us trust them?

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